Asso­ciate Dean of Men Jeffery “Chief” Rogers offi­ciates a wrestling match between Thomas Luhrermann (far) and Jonathan Ummel (near) on March 6.
Josh Newhook | Collegian

The Student Fed­er­ation unan­i­mously granted the Hillsdale Men’s Wrestling Club pro­ba­tional club status in its April 7 meeting.

Aidan Johnston, pres­ident of the wrestling club, said the club is hoping to increase its presence on campus. 

“We’ve seen a lot of growth in the last year,” he said. “We want to have a bigger role on campus though.”

As a club with pro­ba­tionary status, the wrestling club will return to the student fed­er­ation in a year to be reeval­uated and con­sidered for full club status.

The club is planning to facil­itate more wrestling events, espe­cially campus-wide ones like the recent Charger Duels event. 

The club meets three times a week in the Sports Complex. An average of five to eight members are present at each meeting, with 12 members in total. 

“With the current mat space we have, if we get 10 guys, which has hap­pened before, we can still manage that because we can rotate people in and out of training,” Johnston said. 

During the debate of the club’s status, fed­er­ation trea­surer and junior Regina Gravrok raised the prospect of the wrestling club becoming a club sport instead of a club. 

“There might be an advantage to the club pur­suing club sport status instead of sport club status,” Gravrok said. 

Rachel Marinko, faculty advisor of the fed­er­ation, said if the wrestling club did become a club sport, it would be required to travel and compete against other col­le­giate clubs.

“At this point, I don’t think the ath­letic department would not want them to become a club sport because they aren’t planning on com­peting,” Marinko said. 

Fed­er­ation pres­ident and senior Thomas MacPhee asked the club to con­sider club sport status down the road.

The next Student Fed­er­ation meeting will be at 7 p.m. on April 21 in the Formal Lounge.