Admis­sions’ interns spend the summer in Hillsdale | Courtesy Hillsdale College Admis­sions Instagram

If there is one piece of advice I would give to any Hillsdale student it’s this: spend a summer in Hillsdale. 

Last summer I interned for the admis­sions department. I was a bit appre­hensive at first. Did I really want to spend a summer in the same small town that I spent the fall, winter, and spring?  I decided to give it a try. Many friends encouraged meI to expe­rience Hillsdale in the summer, but I did not think I would enjoy it as they did. But spending a summer in Hillsdale was an unbe­lievable blessing, and you should con­sider spending a summer in the ’dale, too.

First, I gained the most incredible friends. As one of six admis­sions interns, I gained life-long friends who are from all dif­ferent ends of campus, and still have the best time when we are together to this day. While it took us a little while to get com­fortable with each other, by the end of the three months, we spent every weekend together. 

Second, by interning with any department in Hillsdale you can gain real pro­fes­sional devel­opment expe­rience in a familiar envi­ronment. The oppor­tu­nities at Hillsdale in the summer are far more than just resume builders. I have never grown more pro­fes­sionally in one period of time than I did during my Hillsdale summer.

Third, you get to really enjoy and expe­rience Hillsdale in a way that you can’t while you have classes, homework, extracur­ric­ulars, etc. You can wake up early for that bible study at Baw Beese that you have always wanted to do, take a bike to Hayden Park or hit golf balls on the driving range, kayak and pad­dle­board, hammock on campus, read a book just for fun on the Rough Draft patio, cook three meals a day, visit the farmers market, play board games all night with friends, etc. You have the oppor­tunity to enjoy the simple plea­sures and beauties of this small town.

Fourth, you can explore and take road trips all around the Midwest. You can go to con­certs in Chicago, visit the Toledo art museum, Mackinac Island, Fort Wayne, etc. Make a bucket list and take lots of weekend trips. 

Fifth, you get to expe­rience the best town in its best season. Hillsdale is beau­tiful in the summer and getting to expe­rience it with your closest friends gives you a new per­spective and love for this small town.

Most of us only get eight semesters at Hillsdale, I encourage you to take the oppor­tunity while you can to spend a semester and expe­rience every­thing that Hillsdale has to offer.