State Rep. Andrew Fink rep­re­sents the 45th House Dis­trict. Courtesy | Facebook

State Rep. Andrew Fink announced this month that he will run for a second term. 

Fink, a Repub­lican, Hillsdale alumnus, and former Marine, rep­re­sents the 35th House dis­trict, which includes Hillsdale and Branch counties, and the City of Hudson in Lenawee County. Fink said he is running to con­tinue intro­ducing con­ser­v­ative leg­is­lation that rep­re­sents the values of his constituents. 

“The kind of leg­is­lation I’ve intro­duced ranges from election admin­is­tration, to abortion, to firearms rights, to lit­i­gation abuse,” Fink said.

Under Gov. Gretchen Whitmer’s admin­is­tration, the rights of the people and tra­di­tional arrange­ments of powers have become a sig­nif­icant issue for his con­stituents, according to Fink. Edu­cation, in par­ticular, has become an important issue among constituents.

“There are a lot of issues relating to edu­cation, COVID-19 policies, and critical race theory, which res­onate with the folks in my dis­trict,” Fink said. “They realize that in a dis­trict that’s somewhat iso­lated from the major eco­nomic centers of our state, getting our stu­dents as good an edu­cation as pos­sible in a way that is sup­ported by coop­er­ating with parents.”

Jacob Hooper, Fink’s cam­paign manager in 2020 and a senior at Hillsdale College, said Fink’s leg­islative record is central to the campaign’s 2022 message. 

“Our cam­paign is really refo­cusing to say, here’s what he’s done in his first term in office,” Hooper said. “The caveat with that is that we have a very liberal gov­ernor who will not sign a whole lot of Repub­lican bills, and that’s alarming.”

Hooper said Fink’s leg­islative record shows his ded­i­cation toward con­ser­v­ative causes.
Fink spon­sored HB 5187, which pre­vents the gov­ernment from using emer­gency powers to pro­hibit activ­ities with the pur­chase of firearms. Addi­tionally, Fink intro­duced HB 4738, a bill that would ban dis­crim­i­natory abor­tions based on race, gender, or disability. 

Hooper said pro-life leg­is­lation is growing in impor­tance depending on how the U.S. Supreme Court rules in Dobbs v. Jackson in June. The case is a sig­nif­icant chal­lenge to Roe v. Wade, which legalized abor­tions, according to Hooper.

Addi­tionally, Hooper said Fink’s cam­paign will emphasize a greater need for trans­parency among state agencies. 

“Michigan is rated one of the worst states for gov­ernment trans­parency,” Hooper said. “The Michigan gov­ernment in Lansing is very bureaucratic.”

Hooper said Fink spon­sored several bills pro­moting greater trans­parency in the gov­ernment, ranging from estab­lishing inde­pendent ethics com­mittees in the leg­is­lature to requiring members to pub­licly dis­close sexual harassment set­tle­ments, to pro­tecting whistle­blowers in the Michigan state department. 

Hooper said Fink’s success in Lansing comes from his character. 

“I know he’s a crazy good man,” Hooper said. “But also I knew he was qual­ified at lead­ership expe­rience in the Marines, and the dude is wicked smart and it was very apparent just how he con­ducted himself.”