The remains of a building in the town of Vasylkiv, near Kyiv, Ukraine after a bombing from Russia on Feb. 27. | NBC News

Adjunct Piano Instructor Katherine Rick is raising money to pur­chase and deliver medical sup­plies to central Ukraine.

“Growing up in Russia, my childhood best friends were Ukrainian mis­sionary kids Mariya and Anya Niko­nenko,” Rick said. “Anya now lives in Dnipro (central Ukraine) but was able to flee with her husband, Theodor, and their three young children to Munich, Germany.”

Though he suc­cess­fully escaped, Theodor is preparing to travel to the beach to Dnipro to deliver dona­tions pur­chased from the fundraiser. 

“Theodor will per­sonally drive them from Munich back to Dnipro, at great risk to his own life,” she said. 

Mariya now lives in the United States but her parents still live in Dnipro with Anya. 

“My parents served as mis­sion­aries in Russia for 15 years, and now they were living peace­fully in Dnipro, Ukraine, just serving in the local church,” Mariya said. “We are thanking God that they are alive.”

Rick added that “100% of funds raised” will be spent on medical sup­plies. She is aiming to raise $10,000 before April 10.

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