As summer approaches, men should get pedi­cures | Courtesy Hammer and Nail Grooming

Men are known for so many great things. They’ve built nations, invented light bulbs, and created smart cars. They’re vital figures of family and nec­essary members of society. They are not known for their impec­cable hygiene. 

The “pill” this, “IUD” that. We’re missing the most obvious, most effective, and least invasive form of birth control: men’s unkempt feet. 

Sweaters are out and spaghetti straps are in. As our wardrobes switch from 15 layers to one, it’s important to remember the eti­quette of proper outside apparel. People tell women to cover every­thing from their legs to their shoulders. Let’s talk about men’s feet. 

A lot of products mar­keted toward men claim to do many things at once. Where women’s products are split into indi­vidual razor blades or dif­ferent shampoos for each strand of hair, men’s products are prac­ti­cally 13-in‑1. Body wash, shampoo, con­di­tioner, deodorant, tooth­paste, cologne, after­shave: all in one. 

If men seek to min­imize the number of products they use on their bodies daily, they skip over their feet entirely. Most salons and beauty shops do not market their ser­vices to men, nor do most guys like strangers touching their feet. While women might be given dic­tionary-length descrip­tions of every service imag­inable for their feet, a lot of men might not even know what a pedicure really is. Pedi­cures usually entail a foot soak, nail care, dead skin removal, and a balm. They help maintain the appearance of feet while also lim­iting any sort of fungal buildup that con­tributes to the ugliness and odor that feet are typ­i­cally asso­ciated with. After months of being trapped inside sneakers and boots, tightly wound by socks, a pedicure is a service to those around you almost more than it is to yourself. 

Take a walk through the student union as the warmer months approach and you’ll be sure to see at least one pair of bare feet on AJ’s hardwood. A public area in which men’s ungroomed feet are on full display is not one I want to exist in. 

Reducing the stigma around men taking care of them­selves, all the way down to their feet, is vital to our pro­gression as a society. Taking basic care of your body so that it is not a threat to public safety or sanity shouldn’t be taboo. 

As the weather warms up and the pheromones spike, encourage your male friends to go get a pedicure, and maybe introduce them to a pumice stone.