You have the right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of hap­piness, but does everyone else? According to some, the answer is no. Most recently, in the state of Maryland, abortion is in the hot seat as leg­is­lators vote on a bill to expand the ability to receive an abortion in the state. 

There are cur­rently two bills up for con­sid­er­ation. The first is House Bill 1171 titled “Dec­la­ration of Rights – Right to Repro­ductive Liberty,” which would, as an amendment to the Maryland con­sti­tution, establish a uni­versal right to abortion, pro­hibiting the state gov­ernment “from directly or indi­rectly denying, bur­dening, or abridging the right unless jus­tified by a com­pelling state interest achieved by the least restrictive means.”

The second bill, Senate Bill 669, or the “Pregnant Person’s Freedom Act of 2022”  intends to pro­hibit the “altering certain pro­vi­sions of law relating to the ter­mi­nation of a preg­nancy and inves­ti­ga­tions of or criminal penalties or civil lia­bil­ities for a pregnant person or a person assisting a pregnant person.”

Thank­fully, according to NBC Wash­ington, some of the pro­posals within the first bills failed to move forward in the Maryland senate on Friday; however, other pro­posed mea­sures have advanced. These other mea­sures would expand access to abortion providers, according to NBC Wash­ington. While it is won­derful that part of the first bill didn’t move forward, it is con­cerning that any of these bills even exist.

People should have the rights of life, liberty, and property. We are endowed these rights by our creator, and not the gov­ernment. Abortion is murder. A state can’t decide to limit the right to life by approving of abortion. They have no right to do this.The Maryland bill is murder. Steve Warren of the Christian Broad­casting Network stated, “The American Center for Law and Justice is sounding a warning on both of the Maryland bills, espe­cially Senate Bill 669, which the non­profit con­sti­tu­tional and reli­gious rights law firm said could ‘effec­tively legalize infanticide.”’ 

Senate Bill 669 is hor­rendous. Specif­i­cally, the bill states, “This section may not be con­strued to authorize any form of inves­ti­gation or penalty for a person … expe­ri­encing a … peri­natal death related to a failure to act.” The bill allows for the com­plete neglect of a born child. A baby can be left for whatever reason with no con­se­quences for the per­pe­trator of the act. Fur­thermore, this leg­is­lation doesn’t define how long the term peri­natal can apply, so who is to say that a baby can be killed down the line?

These bills per­fectly show what abortion truly is: the neglect of a child. Abortion doesn’t care about the child. The child has no say. Life is pre­cious and must be pro­tected. Sadly, some in society fail to rec­ognize the sanctity of life. 
Get involved. Go out and support pro-life causes. Call your leg­is­lators. Go out and vote on election day. Amer­icans can change the nar­rative. Aboriton doesn’t have to be acceptable any longer. It must be called out for what it is: murder. These bills further showcase the atrocity that abortion is, but some­thing can be done. Pro-life doesn’t mean until birth. Pro-life means sup­porting all life, which is some­thing these Maryland bills clearly won’t do.