Bon Appetit makes tasty sauces | Pixaby

I’m a condiment con­noisseur. Though this may sound like a futile attempt to dif­fer­en­tiate myself from your average white girl, I take pride in my ability to dis­tin­guish between a subpar and excellent side of ranch, sniff out a good aioli, and concoct the perfect sauce. Recently a speckled, peach-colored sauce has sat­isfied the stomachs of all who taste it. SAGA’s honey sriracha sauce has become the go-to condiment for flavor lovers at Hillsdale, and the Bon Appetit staff should to give the sauce its rightful place in the condiment kingdom. Put the honey sriracha sauce in a pump, like ketchup and mustard, at every food venue on campus. 

Stu­dents have noticed strong improve­ments lately in Bon Appetit’s diversity of flavors, quality of food, and spe­cialty sauces. Along with the honey sriracha, Bon Appetit has also created a deli­cious chipotle mayo and vibrant parmesan pesto. Bon Appetit crafted this col­lection of cap­ti­vating condi­ments in its own kitchen, proving its ded­i­cation to the appeasement of student taste buds. Because Bon Appetit mass pro­duces food to feed more than 1,000 stu­dents at every meal, some people might assume the meals could lack a unique flavor profile that keeps them wanting more. But with these new sauces, specif­i­cally the honey sriracha, stu­dents are no longer sac­ri­ficing sea­soning for convenience. 

The smoky, chili taste com­bined with the sticky, sweet honey creates an expe­rience that appeals to both spice seekers from Southern Cal­i­fornia and syrup savants from Vermont. Because of its complex flavor, this condiment pairs per­fectly with almost any entree in the dining hall, from turkey patties to pep­peroni pizza to taco bowls. Honey sriracha is the new ketchup – a ver­satile, fan-favorite addition to any meal. 

With my con­stant desire for tasty dips, I use an obscene amount of honey sriracha at every SAGA meal. So you can under­stand my dis­ap­pointment when I walked up to the sandwich station, preparing to add some sauce to my meal, and heard the splat of the empty squirt bottle. It’s the sound of hope turning to despair, and it’s starting to happen a lot more because of honey sriracha’s increased pop­u­larity. The sauce has run out, and no matter how vig­or­ously I shake the bottle or des­per­ately search for another con­tainer, there never seems to be one another in sight. 

This is why Bon Appetit should dis­pense honey sriracha in a large pump next to the ketchup and mustard. Not only does the flavor profile warrant such an upgrade, but its increasing pop­u­larity demands it. As more stu­dents dis­cover its creamy, tangy goodness, the more they will crave SAGA’s best condiment. 

But the installment of honey sriracha pumps should go much further than the Knorr Family Dining room. AJ’s, with its Grab ‘n’ Go and hot options, should also be blessed with this glo­rious condiment. 

Grab ‘n’ Go food is always refrig­erated, and it can be a bit dry. With a honey sriracha pump, stu­dents would be able to add a familiar taste to these new meals, while simul­ta­ne­ously making it more palatable to scarf down before class. 

The various hot entrees and fries at AJ’s also provide the perfect oppor­tunity for a self-serve honey sriracha pump. All other AJ’s condi­ments come in the form of to-go packets. While con­ve­nient, these con­tainers can be a hassle to open, hard to empty, and contain a dis­ap­pointing amount of sauce. With a honey sriracha pump, the con­ve­nience of simply squirting some sauce onto your meal and running off to your next meeting is still present, while reducing waste and allowing ease of access. 

The next greatest area of improvement, and the best way to please the student body, would be to add a pump of this special sauce in all food venues because honey, we need some more sriracha.