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Hol­lywood will visit Hillsdale through the crime dramas of the 1940s and 1950s next week at the Center for Con­structive Alter­na­tives’ “Film Noir.” According to the CCA website, film noir is a genre with “a dis­tinctive visual style, edgy themes, violent plots, and bleak urban settings.”

The program will feature Alain Silver, director, pro­ducer, and film his­torian; Eddie Muller, host of Turner Classic Movies; Titus Techera from the American Cinema Foun­dation; and Barton Palm, former director of the World Cinema Program at Clemson University.

“As someone that is actually into film somewhat, I’m looking forward to seeing where the genre started and com­paring it to movies in the genre today,” sophomore Jonathan Abrantes, who will be attending the CCA, said. “I rec­ommend people to keep an open mind, fall in love with the genre, and watch the movies.” 

As part of the lecture series, the CCA will screen three films: “The Maltese Falcon,” starring Humphrey Bogart, Peter Lorre, and Sydney Green­street; “The Killers,” fea­turing Burt Lan­caster, and Ava Gardner; and “Laura,” starring Clifton Webb, Dana Andrews, Gene Tierney, and Vincent Price. 

The CCA website said it will “con­sider the history and ele­ments of film noir, the political and social impli­ca­tions of its themes, and its con­tinuing influence on American cinema.” 

Freshman Joseph Claeys said he looks forward to the event.

“I really like the atmos­phere of film noir,” Claeys said. “It cer­tainly is one of a kind and every­thing is dark and gritty. You don’t know who to trust and there are ques­tionable morals. It is often like the gritty world of the 1920s.”