Hillsdale art stu­dents put together an art gallery this week — including paintings, master copies, photos, sculp­tures, and graphic designs. 

“I think that the gallery is a great reflection of the kind of liberal arts culture that we have created at Hillsdale,” sophomore Anna Bassols said. 

Bassols described how unique it is that all the stu­dents at Hillsdale can take part in sup­porting the art department. 

“Even if stu­dents are not involved in the art department, they still take the time to come visit and support our student artists. I think that is really special,” Bassols said. 

Bassols explained how the art gallery can be a reminder to stu­dents to take part in things that are good for the soul, despite the stress of college. 

“Having a gallery is so important because it reminds us that we can do and create beau­tiful things despite the chaos of our daily lives,” Bassols said. 

It is also important for stu­dents to visit the art gallery to encourage the art stu­dents who have ded­i­cated a great deal of time on their pieces, said Bassols. 

Sophomore Mary Ann Powers added to the gallery with her self por­trait, which placed second in the cat­egory of drawing. 

“I think it is really cool to see what all of the stu­dents are able to produce. It was very impressive,” Powers said. 

Powers said her favorite thing about the art gallery is how it shows how cre­ative the stu­dents are here.

“Some­times we get caught up in the stresses of studying for exams and finals. The gallery pro­vides a place where stu­dents can take a break and look at all the beauty in the world,” Powers said. 

Julio Suarez, assistant pro­fessor of art, explained how the art gallery pro­vides a won­derful oppor­tunity for all stu­dents involved in the art department. 

“Having access to the gallery offers art stu­dents the oppor­tunity to show their work in a pro­fes­sional setting with the proper lighting and pre­sen­tation needed for it to be fully appre­ciated,” Suarez said. 

Sophomore Caleb Holm described how special these works of art are because they rep­resent the countless hours stu­dents spent on their work. 

“This show is special: these are student works,” Holm said. “The art show pulls all the art stu­dents’ work on display and gives the rest of the school the oppor­tunity to see the fruits of countless studio hours.” 

After many hours of ded­i­cation and con­cen­tration, Holm encouraged all the stu­dents of Hillsdale to stop by.