Hillsdale College for Life pre­pares for 2022 March for Life Courtesy | HCL

Student Fed­er­ation gave $7,020 to Hillsdale College for Life, the pro-life club on campus, on Nov. 18. 

“Stu­dents want the oppor­tunity to go out and put all the things that they learn about here into action about the pro-life issue,” HCL Vice Pres­ident and senior Ruth Moreno said.

HCL requested $7,720 from the Fed­er­ation to cover bus travel for the March for Life held in Wash­ington, D.C., planned for Jan. 21, 2022.

“The March for Life gives stu­dents that oppor­tunity to make their voices heard in front of our gov­ernment,” Moreno said.

The finance com­mittee sug­gested $7,020 in order to cover the cost of the buses with the rec­om­men­dation that HCL charge $75 instead of $65 per student. The student fees would cover one half of the trip with the federation’s funding making up the difference. 

Of the $7,020, HCL needed only $6,730 to pay for bus travel, therefore leaving  the club with an extra $290. 

Rep­re­sen­tative Regina Gravrok dis­agreed with giving an extra $290 to the club on the basis of it serving an unclear purpose. She said the fed­er­ation would be setting a precedent because it would be giving out funds without any clear objectives. 

After much debate on the issue, the fed­er­ation chose the finance committee’s propo­sition of giving $7,020 to the club.

“Hillsdale College for Life is one of the most worthy causes to receive money,” Fed­er­ation Pres­ident Brandt Siegfried said. “I think they do good work and giving them $290 in addition to what they needed to run the trip was more than worthy and com­pletely justified.”

After the pro­posal, the fed­er­ation held a brief exec­utive session, closed to the public, con­cerning dis­ci­plinary action.

Rep­re­sen­tative Helen Schlueter com­mented on the federation’s role in sup­porting the needs of the student body.

“We are here to make sure dif­ferent clubs have the money that they need while keeping in mind the greater number of clubs,” she said. “We want the money going to the clubs, so the more we can help in that, the better.”

Rep­re­sen­tative Anthony Iat­ropoulos also spoke on the federation’s role in helping streamline the financial needs of clubs.

“If Student Fed wasn’t here, the clubs would have to do a lot more fundraising on their own,” he said. “We basi­cally mul­tiply the stu­dents’ money. They are able to do more activ­ities because of the addi­tional funding that they can get from us, and that’s a big benefit for the students.”

Siegfried encouraged stu­dents to attend at least one fed­er­ation meeting in their four years at the college so they might be involved in the division of funds. 

“I love it when people come,” Siegfried said. “The more people are involved, the more it matters. The more it matters, the better quality the Student Fed­er­ation will be.”