Hillsdale College sup­ports wildlife orga­ni­zation | Wiki­media Commons

Hillsdale College and USA Shooting cel­e­brated the opening of the Nimrod Edu­cation Center this fall, bringing the study of hunting and wildlife man­agement to the college. 

The Nimrod Society is a non-profit orga­ni­zation ded­i­cated to edu­cating the general public about the role sportsmen play in the con­ser­vation of wildlife. 

Founded by Nimrod Society Pres­ident Alan Taylor, the Nimrod Center will offer a variety of edu­ca­tional and con­ser­va­tional pro­grams. The center will provide aca­demic courses, con­tinuing edu­cation pro­grams, sem­inars, con­fer­ences, schol­ar­ships for stu­dents, and part­ner­ships to establish Wildlife Councils in every state. It will operate through the John Anthony Halter Shooting Sports Edu­cation Center, a press release from the college said. 

“We actually already trial ran this with our Intro to Shooting Sports class this semester by adding a con­ser­vation portion to all of the classes out there,” shooting coach Andrew Traciak said. 

The Nimrod Edu­cation Center will even­tually get its own facility, but “not for the fore­seeable future,” Nimrod Edu­cation Center Director Alan Stewart said. 

Stewart said the Nimrod Society chose Hillsdale for its ded­i­cation to the tra­di­tional American prin­ciple of indi­vidual rights.

“Hillsdale is an excep­tional college. It’s strong with the char­acter of this country,” he said. “It works with the basis of the con­sti­tution, par­tic­u­larly the second amendment, as we can see in the Halter Shooting Center.”

The Nimrod Society works to protect and manage wildlife pop­u­la­tions, according to Bob Radocy, a member of the board of directors. The society espouses the North American Con­ser­vation Model, according to the college press release. The Nimrod Society con­siders wildlife a public resource to be protected. 

Stewart said the center’s name is a great con­ver­sation starter. 

“I say I’m the director of the Nimrod Edu­cation Center, and people might raise an eyebrow,” Stewart said. “And then I explain what the mission is, what it’s about, and I can tell the story of Nimrod.”