Victoria Marshall holds the Science & Tech section of the Collegian. Courtesy | Ben Wilson
Vic­toria Mar­shall holds the Science & Tech section of the Col­legian.
Courtesy | Ben Wilson

Few can say that their first job after college was with the Wall Street Journal.

Just a few years after grad­u­ating, stu­dents who minored in jour­nalism already applytheir Hillsdale edu­cation to their full-time jobs at news publications.

I checked in with three recent grad­uates to see what they are doing now and how their time at Hillsdale has advanced their career.

Vic­toria Mar­shall ’21: Edi­torial fellow at the New York Post

Vic­toria Mar­shall came to Hillsdale for pol­itics, and jour­nalism didn’t cross her mind until she bumped into then editor-in-chief of the Col­legian, Nicole Ault, at the Source. After attending a few meetings, Vic­toria said she fell in love with the envi­ronment and people in the Col­legian office. She said she knew she had to give jour­nalism a chance. 

In her time as an under­graduate, Mar­shall received the Dow Jour­nalism Program (DJP) schol­arship and served as a staff member for the Collegian.

 She later interned for the National Jour­nalism Center and National Review. 

A jour­nalism fellow through the Inter­col­le­giate Studies Institute, Mar­shall now lives and works in New York City, where she is on the edi­torial board for the New York Post. 

Mar­shall writes daily edi­to­rials for the Post, an expe­rience that not many jour­nalism fellows get. 

“I’m really sur­prised and really thankful that they give me the oppor­tunity to write every single day because I was thinking a fel­lowship would be more like a glo­rified internship,” Mar­shall said.

Mar­shall said that because the Post has a very punchy, irrev­erent tone with its edi­to­rials, she has had to adapt and grow her writing voice to fit the paper’s overall tone. 

She said her time writing opinion pieces for the Col­legian allowed her to embrace the edi­torial style of writing while helping her develop her own unique voice.

“The Dow Jour­nalism Program is just really helpful to stu­dents in getting them good jobs, good intern­ships, and good con­tacts,” Mar­shall said. “Mr. Miller is great at keeping everyone con­nected and making sure we all stay in touch, so the jour­nalism alumni network is amazing.”

Marshall’s dream is to work as a columnist or an edi­torial writer for the Wall Street Journal, but for now she’s con­sid­ering attending graduate school to study English and gain more expe­rience before becoming a full-time writer.

Kaylee McGhee White ’19: Political com­men­tator and writer at the Wash­ington Examiner

Kaylee White’s interest in jour­nalism began when she visited a Col­legian assignment meeting during her freshman year at Hillsdale.

“I fell in love with jour­nalism,” White said, “I love that jour­nalism allows me to inter­twine pol­itics and storytelling.”

White joined the jour­nalism program and worked for the Col­legian for four years, later interning at the Detroit News, Weekly Standard, and Orange County Register. 

Based in Wash­ington, D.C., White is now a full-time com­mentary writer for the Wash­ington Examiner. 

“On a typical day I write about three op-eds on varying topics, depending on what the news cycle is like,” White said. “When I’m not writing, I’m meeting with sources, con­ducting inter­views, or rep­re­senting the Examiner on dif­ferent TV networks.”

White noted that real-life jour­nalism is dif­ferent from working for the Collegian.

“Most real life jour­nalists don’t care at all about the stan­dards and prac­tices we were taught,” White said.

“They care much more about a nar­rative than fact-finding.”

Nicole Ault ’19: Assistant edi­torial page writer at the Wall Street Journal

For­merly the editor-in-chief of the Col­legian, Nicole Ault is now a full-time employee of the Wall Street Journal, a dream job for many DJP students.

Ault began writing for the Col­legian in her first semester at Hillsdale, and through the encour­agement of DJP’s directors, she declared a jour­nalism minor to com­plement her eco­nomics major.

“When I came to Hillsdale, I knew I liked writing but wasn’t sure exactly what to do with that,” Ault said. “The Col­legian and intern­ships during college con­firmed for me that I wanted to pursue it.

Ault lives in New York City and writes for the opinions section of the Wall Street Journal. 

As an opinion writer, Ault said that her day “can be any mix of hunting for story ideas, proof­reading, working on a writing project, reading articles or court opinions, and interviewing.”

Ault noted that the spe­cific jour­nal­istic styles and prac­ti­cal­ities are dif­ferent for each paper, but that the prin­ciples she learned in the DJP are uni­versal to quality journalism.

“The fun­da­mentals of research and inter­viewing and clear writing — and dead­lines — are the same,” Ault said, “Col­legian reporting and guidance from pro­fessors helped me hone writing and reporting skills and opened doors to intern­ships and my job.”