Student Fed­er­ation crest
Courtesy | Student Federation

At its Nov. 4 meeting, the Student Fed­er­ation approved funding requests for two club sports and held nom­i­na­tions for upcoming officer elections. 

The Women’s Soccer Club and the Ultimate Frisbee Club both requested money for various club activ­ities and needs, but did not receive full funding.

Tristan Wer­tanzl, coach of the WSC, said his club had never requested funds from the fed­er­ation before, but was making a one-time request for $2,000 “with the goal of cre­ating cham­pi­onship pedigree.” 

Wer­tanzl pointed out that while the WSC is just a club sport – because Hillsdale College does not have an inter­col­le­giate women’s soccer program – it is the highest level of com­pe­tition available for women soccer players on campus. 

“We do love to win and take it kind of seri­ously,” Wer­tanzl said.

He said the club faced several chal­lenges over the past few seasons due to the COVID-19 pan­demic, but is hoping to come back stronger and pos­sibly even “make history.”

The fed­er­ation approved $1,800 for WSC to pay for league fees, travel-related costs for tour­na­ments, and gear.

The UFC was also requesting funding for the first time, having asked for $2000.

“The Hillsdale College Ultimate Frisbee Club pro­vides stu­dents with the oppor­tunity to play a great sport in a wel­coming, but com­pet­itive, envi­ronment,” said junior Allie Spac­carelli, pres­ident of UFC. 

The fed­er­ation approved $880 for the club to go toward the tour­nament expenses of the UFC travel team for this semester, but under the stip­u­lation that it applies for club sport status. This status would allow the club to receive an addi­tional $500.

“We are applying the funding pro­vi­sionally and in good faith that they will apply to be a club sport in accor­dance with the stip­u­lation,” fed­er­ation rep­re­sen­tative Anthony Lat­ropoulos said. 

Spac­carelli said UFC has some reser­va­tions about applying to be a club sport because of the require­ments that come with club sport status, but that it’s some­thing the club would consider. 

“We are incredibly grateful for the funds awarded to us by the fed­er­ation,” Spac­carelli said. 

The fed­er­ation has $23,670 left in its dis­cre­tionary budget for the 2021 – 2022 school year.

“The fed­er­ation doesn’t exist merely to grant clubs money whenever they ask, but to create incentive struc­tures for clubs to ensure that the federation’s money is most effi­ciently allo­cated,” fed­er­ation trea­surer Isabella Maciejewski said. “The fed­er­ation is meant to sup­plement the efforts of clubs.”

Fol­lowing the funding pro­posals, the fed­er­ation rules com­mittee pro­posed 17 revi­sions to the federation’s bylaws. These revi­sions were the first revi­sions pro­posed since 2017, making minor rule changes and removing unnec­essary bylaws. All the revi­sions were passed unanimously.

The fed­er­ation also received nom­i­na­tions for officer posi­tions that will be open in the upcoming election period. The current vice pres­ident, Thomas MacPhee, was the only nominee for president. 

The election process for the fed­er­ation has also begun for inde­pendent stu­dents wishing to join. Inter­ested stu­dents must submit their petition con­taining 10 student sig­na­tures by Friday, Nov. 12. The election will run from Nov. 15 – 19, with all stu­dents eli­gible to vote.