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Franklin Delano Roo­sevelt famously said, “the only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” But David P. Goldman, a speaker at Hillsdale’s Center for Con­structive Alter­na­tives lecture series “The Great Reset” said, “We aren’t nearly scared enough. I’m going to try to scare you as much as I can and hope­fully provide the solution.”

Hillsdale hosted its second CCA of the aca­demic year from Nov. 7 to 10. The four-day lecture series included ses­sions on the COVID-19 pan­demic, the woke movement, the incli­nation towards a cashless society, China’s rise, and the proper response.

Speakers said world leaders and large cor­po­ra­tions have a plan to “reset global order.” 

Michael Rectenwald, author of “Beyond Woke,” spoke at the CCA on Sunday afternoon about the World Eco­nomic Forum — a global orga­ni­zation that pushes global, societal, and eco­nomic reform — and the usage of the COVID-19 pan­demic to gain gov­ern­mental control. 

He defines “The Great reset” on his website. 

“The great reset is really a pro­pa­ganda cmpaign ini­tiated by the World Eco­nomic Forum,” he said. “It’s an effort to reset the economy and really reset the whole social structure.” 

Brian Wesbury, chief econ­omist at First Trust Port­folios LP, said during his Tuesday night talk the World Eco­nomic Forum “wants a change in the entire rela­tionship between gov­ernment and people.” 

“What they want is a Green New Deal, free college, free childcare, single-parent healthcare system, federal con­trolled financial system, higher tax-rates, wealth tax, more control over the edu­cation system,” he said.

David Goldman dis­cussed China’s success in the Fourth Indus­trial Rev­o­lution and the necessity for America to match its com­petitor in his talk “The Great Reset from China’s Perspective.”

“We need another Reagan, we need another Kennedy,” he said. “We need that kind of appeal to our sense of wonder, our desire for a chal­lenge, some­thing that will make our young people want to throw away the video games and hit an engi­neering text book and make us great again.”

Goldman said America matched the Soviet Union and needs to step up to China now.

“We’ve done it before, I pray we can do it again,” he said. 

Chinese devel­opment has advanced in the Fourth Indus­trial Rev­o­lution, beginning around March 2020, through arti­ficial intel­li­gence and advanced man­u­fac­turing under the cover of tracking the pan­demic, he said. 

Other speakers included Vivek Ramaswamy, author of “Woke, Inc.: Inside Cor­porate America’s Social Justice Scam” and James Rickards, author of “The New Great Depression: Winners and Losers in a Post-Pan­demic World.” 

History repeating itself was an overall theme of the CCA. 

“King Solomon said, ‘There is nothing new under the sun’ and I’ll translate to ‘human nature doesn’t change,’” Wesbury said.

Wesbury also pro­vided a solution in reli­gious faith and specif­i­cally the system of law.

“Once you put the law in place, we all operate under the same rules: getting rid of the law takes us back to vio­lence,” he said. “That’s the under­lying phi­losophy. That’s the under­lying thing that made America great. That’s what we have to defend.”

Freshman Keara Gentry, who attended the CCA, and said she appre­ciated how the speakers laid out facts in an orderly way, allowing the audience to draw con­clu­sions, espe­cially the second lecture by Vivek Ramaswamy. 

“Whatever you do, do it well. Pursue excel­lence,” Gentry said. “And I would say, that’s what it is to bring the Kingdom on earth. The Kingdom of God on earth is the pursuit of excellence.” 

Wesbury fin­ished by saying Hillsdale is part of the solution to the problem.

“The alter­native to the Great Reset is more Hills­dales,” he said.