Moorehouse poses by Central Hall. Courtesy | Buddy Moorehouse
Moore­house poses by Central Hall.
Courtesy | Buddy Moorehouse

Buddy Moore­house is an adjunct pro­fessor of video sto­ry­telling. This interview has been edited for length and clarity.

What is your favorite dessert?

Pineapple upside down cake. It’s got every­thing that you need. It’s sweet, it has texture, and it even has a little fruit in it so you don’t have to feel quite as guilty.

Should puns be con­sidered good humor?

Absolutely. The def­i­n­ition of good humor is of course any­thing that makes you laugh and puns are good because in addition to making you laugh, you also have to be clever about them.

Which are better, cats or dogs?

Dogs, no question about it. Dogs serve a purpose and cats do nothing but leech off of you.

What is the most com­fortable temperature?

70 degrees is absolutely perfect. My wife would say 77, which is why the greatest thing that’s ever been invented is dual heat con­trols in cars. 

Would you rather read a good book or watch a good film?

I would rather watch a really good film. A couple of my favorite films are “It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World” and “The Godfather.”

What career appeals least to you?

Any­thing that would involve a lot of math. So I guess I would say being an accountant is probably the last thing I’d ever want to do. 

What is one of your favorite pastimes?

Reading old news­papers online. I love history and there’s no better way to read history than to read it as it was written at the time. There’s a website called that has tens of thou­sands of old news­papers on every issue going back to the 1800s. I’ll look at old news­papers, and do things like research the Bonnie and Clyde bank robberies.

Who are some of your favorite actors?

I love Tom Hanks, almost every­thing he has ever done, and also Henry Winkler.

Is a hot dog a sandwich, a taco, some­thing else?

It’s def­i­nitely not a sandwich so I would say that it’s a self con­tained meal and it doesn’t fall into any other category.

What is one of your favorite and least favorite things about Hillsdale?

Probably the legacy of the school, its history and mission and every­thing that it’s stood for through the years is just absolutely unmatched. And my least favorite thing about Hillsdale is probably that there are not more chain restau­rants in town. I’m a fan of Olive Garden and Chipotle and all that kind of stuff so it’d be great to grab a chain meal although I love the restau­rants in town.

What is a random fact that you know?

You can drive from Hillsdale to Atlanta, Georgia faster than you can drive from Hillsdale to the western part of the Upper Peninsula.

What is the best kind of arti­ficial flavoring?

If you can con­sider it arti­ficial, I would say ranch dressing. Ranch dressing makes every­thing better.

What is the coolest sounding language?

Italian. It’s impos­sible to not sound cool when you speak Italian.

Would you rather be deaf or blind?

I would rather be deaf,  because then I can at least watch football even if I can’t hear it.

Would you rather lose your sense of taste or your sense of smell?

I would much rather lose my sense of smell. Then I could go into hotel rooms and it wouldn’t bother me if they smell. Iit would actually probably improve my life.

Are clowns funny or scary?

Scary. My dad was a pro­fes­sional magician, he was really big in the magic world, and he was into clowns. And in his house he had probably like 200 clown fig­urines all over the place. And when my daughters were younger, they wouldn’t want to go over to grandpa’s house because it would scare the heck out of them seeing all the clowns.

What sport do you think is the most boring to watch?

There are a lot of them and I’m probably gonna tick off somebody with my answer, but I’m gonna have to say soccer just because there are so many slower parts. 

What was the best era for music?

Probably the 1940s with big band jazz, right before the start of Rock ’n’ Roll. That was just great music. It was musi­cally bril­liant and it’s still fun to listen to.

What hobby of yours do you ded­icate the most time to?

Def­i­nitely watching sports. I’ll watch any ridiculous college football game that’s on when I have no interest in or con­nection to either one of the schools and I don’t know a single player in the thing, but I will just watch the entire game. Would you rather be able to breathe under­water or in space?

Under­water. It’s a much more inter­esting world whether I was in a  lake or a shallow part of the ocean, and it would be fas­ci­nating to be able to, without any gear on, swim around to the bottom of a lake and see what’s down there and hang out.