Rebecca Joyce works at New Dorm coffee shop Penny’s | Carmel Kookogey

One year ago, Penny’s decided to grow as a small business and start catering events. Thanks to Penny’s Catering, this small business has extended its mission of good coffee and close com­munity beyond the walls of New Dormitory. 

Senior Grace Bennett is the coor­di­nator of Penny’s Catering. She ful­fills orders, com­mu­ni­cates with clients, and schedules pick-up times.

“You are auto­mat­i­cally everyone’s favorite person when you show up with coffee and scones,” Bennett said. 

Bennett said Penny’s Catering is an extension of what makes Penny’s “Penny’s” by serving the com­munity well and pro­ducing deli­cious drinks regardless of the place, time, or event.

“There is a huge emphasis on hos­pi­tality, and it is a part of the shop, the staff, how we operate, and the vision we seek to have here,” she said. “Our catering is ulti­mately a reflection of these things, and it is a way that we can spread our vision and purpose.” 

Bennett said her favorite part of her job is being able to work with people across campus and the com­munity while pro­viding drinks for their events and helping their events go well. Her favorite catered event was a breakfast for the women’s tennis team.

 “I had to bake numerous batches of scones and bagels,” Bennett said. “I came into the shop at 5:30 a.m., watched the sunrise, and baked all morning.” 

Bennett said events like these are why she is proud to run Penny’s Catering. 

Sophomore Caleb Holm, a barista at Penny’s, named a few reasons as to why Penny’s coffee is dif­ferent from Penny’s Catering.

 “Even though the baristas are in college, Penny’s is a small business,” Holm said. “Because of that, there is always a per­sonal touch from the baristas. We also make sure to prepare the catering orders within the hour they are needed, so that the coffee is hot, and the scones are fresh.” 

He said he enjoys serving coffee to stu­dents and teachers. 

“You get to meet a lot of stu­dents and provide quality coffee in an aes­thetic envi­ronment,” he said. “We work shifts by our­selves, so things can get busy, but it’s never too bad — espe­cially after having worked at Starbucks.” 

Both Bennett and Holms expressed that their love of Penny’s goes beyond simply serving London fogs and shaken espressos. Each spoke highly of the cus­tomers they interact with on a daily basis and the com­munity which Penny’s has fos­tered over the years. 

“My favorite part is the friend­ships that I’ve made and how often I’m at Penny’s, either because I’m working or hanging out with a fellow barista on their shift,” Holms said. “It’s a great place to do work and chat with friends,” Holms said. 

Freshman Kody Richards said she enjoys studying in Penny’s with an iced honey latte. “Pennys has really good food and coffee— not ‘good for a college campus’ coffee but actually good coffee,” Richards said. 

Penny’s con­tinues to grow and reach its com­munity as a small business on a college campus because of people like Bennet, Holms, and Richards.With coffee and pas­tries available for catered events both on and off campus, Penny’s has become more acces­sible to cus­tomers who do not have the con­ve­nience of being a girl living in New Dormitory.