Loudoun County parents in Vir­ginia. Courtesy | LoudounNow

Parents are now “domestic ter­rorists,” according to the National School Boards Association. 

The NSBA has since apol­o­gized for the statement, and rightly so.

The reality is far dif­ferent. Leftist school boards — not parents — are threat­ening edu­cation in America.

During the COVID-19 pan­demic, children tran­si­tioned to online schooling. Sud­denly, parents saw, like never before, what their children were learning: bizarre the­ories about sex­u­ality, racial identity, and gender.

As the Marxist rev­o­lu­tionary Vladimir Lenin once said, “Give me just one gen­er­ation of youth, and I’ll transform the whole world.” 

The public school system has already started to tear the nation apart with critical race theory, which argues that America is dom­i­nated by white supremacy,  and opposes the idea of western liberalism.

The National Edu­cation Asso­ci­ation, the largest teachers’ union in America, voted to conduct oppo­sition research against groups that oppose teaching critical race theory, such as the Her­itage Foun­dation, this summer. The same union voted down a res­o­lution to “re-ded­icate itself to the pursuit of increased student learning” in 2019.

But of course, teachers aren’t pushing critical race theory in the classroom, according to American Fed­er­ation of Teachers Pres­ident Randi Wein­garten. Unions are simply preparing to sue anyone who tries to stop them from teaching their version of “honest history.”

Despite Weingarten’s denial, schools are pushing critical race theory. In fact, Oregon’s statewide cur­riculum reveals that this divisive ide­ology, with a stamp of approval from many school boards, is even being taught to ele­mentary schoolers.

The state’s 2021 Social Science Stan­dards mandate the teaching of “ethnic studies” beginning in kinder­garten and con­tinuing through high school. Starting in third grade, stu­dents learn about “systems of power, including white supremacy, insti­tu­tional racism, racial hier­archy, and oppression.”

The leftist agenda in edu­cation expands even farther than race, reaching as far as gender, abortion, and sexuality.

In an “LGBTQ Inclusive Class­rooms K‑5” pre­sen­tation, the Oregon Teachers Training Institute part­nered with the Oregon Department of Edu­cation to train teachers in gender ideology.

The pre­sen­tation claimed that “colo­nialism (in the U.S.: white, European, Christian, etc.) has attempted to erase vibrant and cul­turally unique under­standings of gender.”

The pre­sen­tation also edu­cated teachers on terms such as “pan­sexual,” “gen­derqueer,” “asexual,” “gender-expansive,” “queer,” and “non-binary.”

On a slide entitled “Let’s Hear from Parents,” OTTI showed teachers a video called “Jodie Pat­terson on Raising a Trans­gender Child in the Black Community.”

The training also cites Advo­cates for Youth, a pro-abortion group that sup­ports Planned Parenthood.

In fact, the Portland-area Beaverton School Dis­trict derives its entire sex-ed cur­riculum from Advo­cates for Youth. The dis­trict also adopted its own health stan­dards, which include teaching kinder­garteners about HIV/AIDS pre­vention, “poten­tially unsafe body fluids,” and gender identity.

School boards are local powers with the ability to institute their own cur­ricular stan­dards. Local school boards could choose to resist extreme cur­riculum from the state level, but instead, they choose to push it even further. 

“After our expe­rience with sex edu­cation cur­riculum, it was apparent that the school board does not listen to its com­munity,” Oregon parent Kim Walters said.

School dis­tricts often play the blame game to avoid taking respon­si­bility for pushing their agenda in place of edu­cation, she said.

“The state level likes to say ‘Each dis­trict has local control, it isn’t up to us,’ and then the school board likes to blame the state for things they are ‘forced’ to implement,” Walters said. “School boards have way more wiggle room than they like to admit.”

Make no mistake: the public edu­cation bureau­cracy is tearing American society apart.

Leftist school boards have a clear agenda: advance division at all costs and enable political rev­o­lution. This is the goal of Marxism.

Parents are fighting back. Repub­lican Glenn Youngkin won the election for Vir­ginia gov­ernor  Tuesday night after cam­paigning on parental control of edu­cation. The state has become a point of national con­tro­versy in recent months, as parents have protested the Loudoun County School Board for alle­ga­tions of sexual assault and teaching critical race theory.

Hillsdale College has a history of fighting to save the union. When the Con­fed­eracy seceded, denying that all men are created equal, Hillsdale stu­dents joined the fight. Today, as Marxism sows division, we must meet the challenge. 

So, leftist school boards: parents aren’t threat­ening America, you are.