The college will properly honor Vet­erans Day | Pixabay

Although Hillsdale will not pause studies in honor of Vet­erans Day, the college is making sure stu­dents remember the sac­ri­fices made by American sol­diers, Asso­ciate Dean of Men Jeffrey “Chief” Rogers said. 

Student vet­erans will stand watch over a “Missing Man” table in the Knorr Family Dining Hall and the college will host a Vet­erans Cel­e­bration at 7 p.m. in the Howard Music Hall. 

For­mally known as a POW/MIA table, “Missing Man” tables are a long-standing American tra­dition con­sisting of a single round table set for one with a white table cloth, a red rose, and a plate with a slice of lemon and a serving of salt.

Each of the things on the table rep­resent an aspect of the sac­ri­fices made by vet­erans, according to Rogers. 

“I will have a poster made up to explain each of the ele­ments of the table,” he said.

The Vet­erans Cel­e­bration will feature a speech by Asso­ciate Pro­fessor of History Jason Gehrke. 

Gehrke, a captain in the Army Reserves, will discuss the impor­tance of the oath all members of the mil­itary take. He will discuss the sac­ri­fices sol­diers make on a daily basis, par­tic­u­larly the sol­diers who died at the Kabul airport this year.

“Remember right now there are sol­diers all across the U.S. that are waking up to perform their duties that will put them in harm’s way,” Gehrke said. “So that we can go about our daily lives without concern.” 

Rogers said he hopes to impress the impor­tance of Vet­erans Day upon the student body. 

“People think liberty is a license to do what they want,” Rogers said. “It’s actually a respon­si­bility, so the table is there to remind stu­dents of the sac­ri­fices vet­erans made.” 

Rogers encouraged stu­dents to take time out of their lunch break to learn about what the table means and remember sol­diers who have lost their lives in the line of duty. 

“It’s just a great way to show stu­dents the concern we have for those who fight for our freedoms,” Rogers said. 

Freshman Sophia Bombaro, whose father, John Bombaro, is a chaplain in the Navy, is glad the college is taking time to ensure Vet­erans Day is properly honored.

“With my father being in the Navy, I think it’s really important for us to set aside a day to honor those who have served and remember all the sac­ri­fices they have made,” Bombaro said.