Larry Arnn gave the first Freshman Foun­dation lecture | Collegian 

Hillsdale College announced the formal launch of its “Freshman Foun­dation” lecture series on Oct. 21 to com­plement the Senior Cap­stone lecture course, according to a press release. Freshmen will receive an intro­duction to aca­demic life and the part­nership on a college campus, and learn what it means to be a Hillsdale student through five lec­tures from faculty deans. 

Hillsdale College Pres­ident Larry Arnn gave the first lecture of the 2021 – 2022 aca­demic year on Sept. 7 about the “four pillars” of the Hillsdale edu­cation: learning, char­acter, faith, and freedom. 

Dean of Faculty Mark Kalthoff gave the second lecture on learning on Oct. 5. On Nov. 16, Matthew Young, dean of natural sci­ences and asso­ciate pro­fessor of chem­istry, will speak about faith. David Whalen, asso­ciate vice pres­ident for cur­riculum, and Paul Moreno, dean of social sci­ences, will lecture in the second semester. 

“You’re going to study long and dif­ficult hours at some­thing that’s not imme­di­ately pen­e­trable, and you’re going to need your courage and res­o­lution,” Arnn said in his inau­gural lecture. “Why would you do that? Because you love some­thing. You long to know.” 

Whalen said he hopes to share the nature of higher, liberal edu­cation with the freshmen.

“I hope to under­score how con­se­quential, per­manent, and even dan­gerous it is,” he said. “I hope to awaken them not to its dif­fi­culty, but to its impor­tance, and its ter­rible beauty.

Provost Christopher VanOrman said Arnn’s lecture is intended to famil­iarize freshmen with the four pillars. 

“Dr. Arnn’s desire is to introduce these four fun­da­mental prin­ciples early during the freshman year as these themes will con­tinue to be weaved through their edu­cation over the next few years,” he said. “We want the freshmen to rec­ognize these important prin­ciples and how they relate to their everyday life including their future major.” 

The lec­tures are held in the Searle Center and include a com­pli­mentary lunch catered by Bon Appetit.

“The Freshman Foun­dation series are a good reminder of the reason I decided to come to Hillsdale in the first place,” freshman Linnea Shively said. “It gives me a big picture view of how I will not only grow aca­d­e­m­i­cally in my time at Hillsdale, but how I want to grow holis­ti­cally as a person, too.”

VanOrman said this year’s lec­tures would be similar to last year’s, though Whalen would be replacing Dean of the Human­ities Stephen Smith, who is on sabbatical. 

“The Freshman Foun­dation lec­tures were such an integral part of my freshman year,” sophomore Marlow Canady reflected. “They intro­duced us to pro­fessors in various depart­ments through lec­tures that helped us under­stand Hillsdale’s core values. It’s also fun to see your whole class sharing a meal together a few times throughout the year.”