The Coffee Cup Diner’s new owners have remodeled the restaurant, which they say has increased business and pro­moted patriotism. 

The owner of the diner, Kevin Conant, said “business has increased” since the remodel. 

The diner is filled with American flags and banners.

“I wanted to go for the classic American diner,” Conant said. 

The diner’s trans­for­mation was not a long process, according to Conant, who said it took “10 days to remodel.”

There are many flags in the diner, but Conant said his favorite one is the “big wooden American flag on the wall.” 

The wooden flag, a new attraction in the diner, has an unusual background.

“A group of Jonesville High School stu­dents made the sign,” Conant said. 

Przemek Grzesiak, an alumnus of Hillsdale College and a regular at the Coffee Cup Diner for the past 12 years, explained that the diner was very simple before the remodel. 

“It was a classic diner,” Grzesiak said. “All the usual breakfast options along with a few spe­cialty plates, decent coffee, the same waitress every day, and modest in decor in that it wasn’t trying to keep with the times but was content to be doing the same thing year in, year out.”

Grzesiak said he is fond of the changes in the diner that involve the American aspect, even though he loved the diner before the remodel. 

“Despite my fondness for the old Coffee Cup, I like the place after the remodel.Thematically, it’s more flam­boy­antly Amer­icana,” Grzesiak said. 

Grzesiak said he not only appre­ciates the new decor, but the new fur­niture as well. 

“As amusing as it was to sit in the same plastic school chairs I sat in when in 6th grade, the new chairs, tables, and floors are all welcome,” Grzesiak said. 

He said he is also happy about the new menu specials.

“I don’t know who dreams up those items, but I’d rec­ommend anyone going there to just get whatever looks most to your liking on the daily spe­cials menu,” he said. “I had sauer­kraut for breakfast, and liked it.” 

Vis­iting Assistant Pro­fessor of History Miles Smith IV said the diner has been part of the local com­munity for a long time, and he loves the food. 

“The diner has always had a very local feel for a long time,” Smith said, “It is a charming little local diner and the food is good, espe­cially the Thai dishes.” 

Smith said the restaurant now feels more open and easy to move around.

“The remodel has made the space seem more spa­cious and easier to nav­igate, and that is a good thing,” Smith said. 

Smith also said he loves the diner because of the food he can get there that few other places offer. 

“I’ve always loved the service at the diner and it was one of the few places I could get spicy food,” Smith said. 

The diner has been a vital part of the local com­munity in Hillsdale loved by both stu­dents and alumni. 

“As a student I rarely ate breakfast, but when I did, it was at the Coffee Cup,” Grzesiak said. “Those occa­sions were a chance to sit down with a friend away from the busy-ness of campus and enjoy good breakfast food.”