Jonathan Lindsey and his family. Courtesy |
Jonathan Lindsey and his family. Courtesy |

Sixty people seek shelter in a con­verted event barn as the storm rages outside. The room is filled with the sounds of children playing, chairs scraping. A single voice breaks the clamor, “Let’s go Brandon!” The room erupts into cheers. It’s the second meeting of the Branch County Rev­o­lu­tion­aries, led by Dis­trict 16 state Senate can­didate Jonathan Lindsey.

Lindsey said there are two issues facing America today: erad­i­cating tyranny, and election integrity.

“Regardless of what people think of 2020, if half of our people worry about the integrity of our system, it should be a non-par­tisan, all hands on deck issue to restore trust in the system,” he said.

A native to the Hillsdale area, Lindsey said he has a history of hard work and patriotism. 

“I was raised in Bronson, which is a very rural part of the state,” he said. “It was a good childhood. I have great parents. Having the county fair and working on a farm gave me good foun­da­tional experiences.”

Lindsey earned a degree in political science from Yale Uni­versity and enlisted in the mil­itary. From there he earned the title of Green Beret in the Army Special Forces.

“We need a warrior that can with­stand the pres­sures,” he said, explaining how his mil­itary expe­ri­ences affect his interest in politics.

“It’s a dif­ferent arena, but I know in my heart that I’ve dealt with chal­lenges and can achieve this,” Lindsey said. “I don’t think it’s a coin­ci­dence that when you’ve put your life on the line for your gov­ernment that your voters know where you stand.”

Former Pres­ident Donald Trump endorsed Lindsey at the end of August.

“As a Special Forces veteran, Jonathan totally sup­ports our mil­itary, vet­erans, and law enforcement. He is tough on election integrity, crime, pro-life, and will always protect our Second Amendment,” Trump said in a statement. “We need a warrior like Jonathan Lindsey to uphold our America First agenda. Jonathan has my com­plete and total endorsement.”

Hillsdale Mayor Adam Stockford said he has “my full support.”

“There are really very few state level can­di­dates I would be willing to put my name behind who are running in 2022,” Stockford said. “Jon Lindsey is it.”

Lindsey said the events of 2020 inspired him to run for office. 

“We had major attacks on our liberty that were explained under the guise of COVID-19. They looked less at it as a problem to be solved and more an issue to be exploited.”

Lindsey said his interest in gov­ernment is based on a love of country and of state. 

“Our state has seen extremely favorable times in the past,” Lindsey said. “When my grand­parents grew up here, they all gave stories about oppor­tunity abounding. We’ve had some attempts made to right the ship, for example the Right to Work Act, but we need a really aggressive approach. We have to have a pos­itive image for our future. We need to make Michigan a com­pet­itive state.”

Junior Daniel Harmon, pres­ident of the Hillsdale College Repub­licans, said this will be a decisive election for the state.

“The 16th Senate Dis­trict is very much a red dis­trict, however, that makes the primary more important. A common cri­tique against the state leg­is­lature is that they don’t do enough to prevent voter fraud or restrain the gov­er­nor’s abuse of power,” Harmon said. “This election is the chance for those who feel this way to make their voices heard and cast their ballots accordingly.”