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The United States Postal Service per­ma­nently increased postage prices beginning Aug. 29, 2021, according to a statement made by the USPS.

The price increases differ depending on the type of mail as well as its weight, if applicable. Increases range from 2 cents to 16 cents. Only the cost of addi­tional ounces on first class mail, single-piece letters remains unchanged. A more detailed breakdown of the price changes can be found online at:

Forever stamps have also risen in price, increasing from 55 cents to 58 cents.

The increase in prices is due to an ini­tiative called “Deliv­ering for America,” which the USPS says is a “10‑year plan for achieving financial sus­tain­ability and service excellence.”

Hillsdale College senior Chloe Kersey is a postal center student super­visor in the college’s print and mail center. She said there are a number of reasons postage prices are con­tin­ually increasing.

“The post office is a pub­licly owned, pri­vately funded insti­tution. It’s not funded by taxes which is why they some­times have to increase their postage,” Kersey said. “For you to mail a letter with UPS or FedEx will cost you $20 or more most of the time. So even though a 5‑cent increase is rel­a­tively sig­nif­icant, it is still sig­nif­i­cantly cheaper than going by the pri­va­tized route.”

Kersey said it is important USPS remains the most affordable mail service option for Americans.

“The post office is a right of the people in the Con­sti­tution,” Kersey said. “One of the roles of the post office is to provide the cheapest pos­sible mail service to the American people.”