Pumpkin painting to be offered at Harvest Fes­tival. Josephine von Dohlen | Collegian

The annual Harvest Fes­tival will take place this Friday from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m., spon­sored by the Student Activ­ities Board. 

“It will look a lot more like it did three or four years ago than it did last year,” said Riley Arlinghaus, assistant director of SAB. 

The event will take place under the white tent behind Central Hall. Weather per­mitting, there will be bon­fires and yard games on the Quad. Other activ­ities will include pumpkin painting and carving.

“Last year’s event was really affected by COVID-19 and was more of a car­nival theme,” Arlinghaus said. “This year is more going back to those classic fall things.”

SAB will provide donuts, popcorn, candy apples, cider, and coffee. 

“It’s a fun time, espe­cially to come with friends and hangout,” Director of Student Activ­ities Zane Mabry said. “It’s not fall unless you carve a pumpkin, in my opinion.” 

According to Arlinghaus, the Harvest Fes­tival is tai­lored toward stu­dents, but parents and sib­lings are welcome to partake in the fall fun as well.

“Leaves are starting to change and we’re starting to feel the change of season,” Arlinghaus said. “This is a way that we’re choosing to fully invest in it being fall. For stu­dents that haven’t seen a Michigan fall before or maybe haven’t ever really had this kind of fall at all, it’s a fun way to cel­e­brate it.”