Mandatory vac­cines are becoming the norm across the country. | Detroit Free Press

In yet another show of tyranny, Pres­ident Joe Biden claimed on Sep­tember 7, that 97 to 98 percent of the pop­u­lation must be vac­ci­nated before society returns to normal.

But there is no cor­re­lation between people getting the vaccine and nor­malcy: Nor­malcy depends upon those willing to take a stand against man­dated nonsense. 

I went home this summer to the beau­tiful state of Texas and worked at a local bar­beque restaurant in a small town where nor­malcy pre­vailed. No one wore masks. Friends hugged each other. People of all dif­ferent political beliefs would con­gregate at our small restaurant because everyone knew it was a wel­coming place, regardless of vac­ci­nation status.

When I visited Portland, Oregon, however, face masks shielded every smile. Employees asked me if I was vac­ci­nated before I entered buildings. Strangely, just about all of the people enforcing the man­dates were vac­ci­nated themselves. 

If we can return to nor­malcy once most of the pop­u­lation is vac­ci­nated, then why are the vac­ci­nated people living abnormal lives? 

According to the New York Times, in the past two weeks, Texas has seen a decrease by 41% in COVID-19 cases, with 51% of the pop­u­lation having been fully vac­ci­nated, whereas Oregon has only decreased by 18%, with 61% of their pop­u­lation fully vaccinated. 

Despite the data, Pres­ident Joe Biden is man­dating the vaccine left and right. But it’s not his job to interfere with per­sonal decisions. 

Still, mil­lions of Amer­icans are lining up to take the vaccine. Many Amer­icans simply do not want to deal with the incon­ve­niences of being unvaccinated. 

Amer­icans have become machines, com­plying with whatever order is thrown their way next. Fam­ilies no longer gather for Thanks­giving, and per Anthony Fauci, Christmas may be can­celed as well. Young children live their lives in fear. Small busi­nesses are shut down and fam­ilies have lost their incomes. 

When will we start making deci­sions for our­selves because we truly believe it is best for our health, rather than fear of losing our job? 

Nor­malcy will return to America when people decide to make deci­sions for them­selves again. We need business owners to keep their busi­nesses open. We need school boards to take a stand for children forced to wear masks for eight hours a day. We need churches to say “come as you are” and not require any­thing else. 

Nor­malcy will not return to America by con­formity. Nor­malcy will return when the American people decide their children are worth fighting for.