Stu­dents must be quieter in library. Courtesy | Collegian

Remember when the ele­mentary school librarian used to silence your chatty first-grade class with the sig­nature adult catch­phrase: “Inside voices!”? 

Several Hillsdale stu­dents seem to have missed this rudi­mentary lesson — and it shows. Recently, the volume on the top floor of the Mossey Library is louder than A.J.‘s on a busy night. 

Heaven may be the loudest floor of the library, but it is still a library, and calls for quiet voices. 

This year in par­ticular, Heaven has been overrun by study groups and private con­ver­sa­tions con­ducted in outside voices. Groups of stu­dents even watch movies and TV shows during prime homework hours in the library. 

The Skittles Room, the col­orful room at the back of the library, has become a par­ticular target for outdoor voices at all hours. The room’s bright col­oring con­trasts with the rest of the library’s dreary scenery, but it is no longer the Skittles Room I used to know and love. Social­izing is the only task that gets done in the Skittles Room these days. 

“Even if the rest of Heaven is loud, the Skittles Room requires an inside voice and those freshmen seem to con­tin­ually use their outside voices,” a friend told me. 

Every time stu­dents settle down to write at one of the room’s four round tables or com­fortably relax with a book on one of the cozy red seats, loud voices of Hills­dalians shouting across the room disrupt their focus. Noise can­celling head­phones are no match for the room’s resounding commotion. 

Midterm and term paper season is well underway. As the second half of the semester com­mences, stu­dents who are prone to rehearse lines or hold enthu­si­astic study groups should con­sider diver­si­fying their study spots. 

Next time, try A.J.s, Penny’s, a study room in Pur­gatory, a dorm lobby, or even outside. Everyone will thank you for making Heaven quiet again.