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What do Ebenezer Scrooge, Oogie Boogie, and the Grinch have in common with Dr. Anthony Fauci? They have all tried to stop Christmas.

In a CBS interview last Monday, Fauci noted that it is “too soon to tell” if fam­ilies can gather for Christmas this coming December.

But no news interview, no public dis­ap­proval, and no disease will ever be able to stop the gift of Christmas. 

Amer­icans don’t need the government’s approval to cel­e­brate Christmas with their families.

Christmas marks the arrival of God’s only Son on Earth. Nothing can stop that. Not a villain in a children’s story, nor a tyran­nical king, nor a big green monster, nor Fauci. 

During World War I, sol­diers on both sides of the Western Front ceased fire and crossed no-man’s land to cel­e­brate Christmas together. If sol­diers trying to kill each other can stop fighting to cel­e­brate Christmas, why would we let Fauci ruin our holiday? 

Modern Amer­icans may not face the threat of flamethrowers and machine-gun fire, but the prin­ciple remains: This is about freedom — the freedom to assemble and the freedom of religion.

America was settled by pil­grims evading reli­gious restric­tions. Are we now to bow to a gov­ernment that advo­cates for the same dom­i­nation of its citizens?

No one voted Fauci into office. No one crowned him with pomp and cir­cum­stance and he cer­tainly has no divine authority to rule.

The Con­sti­tution was designed to protect cit­izens from tyranny. No gov­ernment, much less one ded­i­cated to natural rights, should declare how we ought to observe reli­gious holidays.

Amer­icans have the freedom to choose what to do with their own lives. We have the freedom to make deci­sions without the stench of tyran­nical oppo­sition and to gather without the 6‑foot “no-man’s land” we’ve been oper­ating with for months.

This Dec. 25, remember your freedom. Ignore the pol­itics. Turn off the news. Walk across the no man’s land of gov­ernment rec­om­men­da­tions, and praise God for the divine gift that is Christmas.