If you’re staying in Hillsdale for fall break, don’t worry. 

Many stu­dents travel, and lots of stu­dents go home on this 5‑day vacation. But a decent amount of stu­dents stay in Hillsdale over the long weekend. If this is your first — or fourth — fall break in Hillsdale, here are some adven­tures on which you can embark. 

Meckley’s Fruit Farm and Glei’s Orchards and Greenhouses

If you’re going for a classic fall outing, these two des­ti­na­tions are for you. Though Meckley’s is 25 minutes away, the cozy bakery, cider press, pumpkin patch, and 2‑mile corn maze are all worth the drive. Meckley’s dishes out fresh donuts by the minute, and has a variety of flavor that will keep you taste-testing until Christmas. Glei’s is just outside of town, too. Their apple orchard is perfect for a Sat­urday morning, but they also have peaches, blue­berries, and straw­berries. The pumpkin patch and bakery com­pletes it all. Either of these spots will provide a pic­turesque fall day. 

Cold­water Drive-In 

Looking to travel, but not too far? Just 30 minutes away, you can enjoy a classic drive-in movie. You no longer have to watch dozens of movies in your dorm room this fall break. Grab some snacks, recline your seat, and enjoy cozying up in your car to watch a movie. The Cold­water Drive-In offers four dif­ferent movies each week. This month, they offer new movies, old movies, and lots of Hal­loween films.

Coffee Crawl

Everyone knows that Hillsdale has a medley of coffee shops, but have you ever thought of going on a coffee crawl in Hillsdale? Set a whole day aside to travel to all of the coffee shops: Rough Draft, Checker Records, Jilly Beans, Biggby, and even Penny’s. The best part? You can cus­tomize it however you like. Figure out which shop sells the best chai latte, or try every pos­sible pumpkin fla­vored drink. 

The Udder Side

Since it’s fall break, you have to try some fall-fla­vored food. Hillsdale has plenty of donuts, pumpkin rolls, and caramel apples in any grocery store, but have you ever tried pumpkin pie ice cream? Here’s a hint:  The UdderSide has a phe­nomenal recipe. Make sure to grab a scoop soon, because they close for the season on Nov. 1. And if you’ve never had an Udder Side burger, you’re missing out. 

Lake Baw Beese

Set aside an afternoon to plan an autumn picnic at the lake. You can hammock, lay out a cozy blanket, or swing at the park and sit at the picnic tables. Grab your friends, and pack your bags full of whatever food you like. By the time fall break begins, the leaves at Lake Baw Beese will paint a sunset in the trees, perfect to accompany your lakeside picnic.