Career Ser­vices plans Nashville trip over fall break  Bridget Breckler | Courtesy

Stu­dents can visit Nashville, Ten­nessee, over fall break and explore pro­fes­sional oppor­tu­nities as part of the first-ever trip to the city spon­sored by Career Services. 

“Nashville is a real up-and-coming city, and it’s as open as Chicago is closed,” said Director of Career Ser­vices Ken Koopmans. 

The trip, which costs $125, will run from Wednesday Oct. 20th to Sat­urday Oct. 23rd and will offer stu­dents a glimpse into pol­itics, jour­nalism, pub­lishing, finance, business, and media. Busi­nesses on the schedule include Randall House Christian Pub­lishing, Ramsey Solu­tions, and Sigma Con­sulting Group. 

In the past, Career Ser­vices has coor­di­nated trips to Chicago during fall break. Because of the city’s COVID-19 restric­tions, Career Ser­vices opted for Nashville this year. 

Koopmans also said the city’s busi­nesses align closely with the ideals of the college.

“It’s becoming more and more dif­ficult to find orga­ni­za­tions aligned with the college,” he said. “You don’t want to land a job some­where and realize that they’re not a good fit for you. Luckily, we have a lot of cham­pions of the college in Nashville.” 

While stu­dents will be in groups for the majority of the trip, they will have the oppor­tunity to make one-on-one con­nec­tions during an alumni net­working dinner on Thursday night. 

“We don’t even have two full days for the trip, and we are trying to fit as much in as pos­sible, so when we visit dif­ferent com­panies, it will be group tours and pre­sen­ta­tions,” said Roma Rogers, program manager and internship coor­di­nator for Career Ser­vices. “Stu­dents need to really hone their net­working skills prior to the net­working event on Thursday evening, so that they can have one-on-one con­ver­sa­tions with employers.” 

Koopmans added that the net­working dinner could be one of the most fruitful parts of the trip for many students. 

“75% of all jobs are earned through net­working,” he said. “Each year, when grad­uates com­plete the senior placement survey, we ask them how they found their job. The number one answer is always networking.”

Stu­dents will also have the oppor­tunity to explore the city’s downtown and notable attrac­tions such as the state capital building and the Grand Ole Opry. 

Emma Meares, a senior from Franklin, Ten­nessee who helped plan the trip, said the city has become very attractive to young people. 

“It’s such a fun city,” Meares said. “There’s always some­thing going on from country music con­certs to his­torical city tours.”