Rick is leaving his position at Holy Trinity. Courtesy | Adam Rick Courtesy | Hillsdale College
Rick is leaving his position at Holy Trinity. Courtesy | Adam Rick
Courtesy | Hillsdale College

Rev. Adam Rick has decided to leave his job as pastor at Holy Trinity Anglican Parish in order to become the college’s full time chaplain. 

Rick said he moved to Hillsdale in July of 2016 to take on both jobs part-time. As both min­istries grew, both began to need a full time position. 

“After a period of dis­cernment with my wife and other trusted friends and mentors, I felt my gifts were better suited for the college. The college was very receptive to the prospect of my coming full time,” Rick said. 

Rick’s position at Holy Trinity will be filled by Rev. Alan Crippen. 

The fact that he and his family are not leaving the church made the choice to leave his position less chal­lenging, Rick said.

“Holy Trinity will remain my church home,” Rick said. 

This decision was tough to make, he said, in part because of the rela­tion­ships his family has formed there. 

“I love my min­istry both on campus and at the church. I love our stu­dents, and my wife’s and my rela­tion­ships at the church are like family,” Rick said. “The decision was made a bit easier by the thought that I wouldn’t have to actually depart from Holy Trinity, just that my role there would change.”

Although Rick will no longer be the pastor at Holy Trinity, he said he thinks this decision will bring much good to the campus of Hillsdale. 

“I hope to also be able to oversee a bit more pro­gram­matic min­istry in the form of group dis­ci­pleship, voca­tional training, and more regular teaching outside the classroom,” Rick said.

Rick also expressed his excitement about an increase in the amount of Evensong ser­vices offered in Christ Chapel and available for all students. 

“Now that we have hired a new sacred music director and have built a sacred choir, the number of those ser­vices offered every semester will only increase over time. It is a great joy for me to offi­ciate those ser­vices but they do take a bit of effort on my part to organize,” Rick said. 

Rick said taking on the full time job as the college’s chaplain will help him fulfill his calling. 

“In the past five years in Hillsdale, college min­istry has become an obvious appli­cation of my par­ticular gifts, interests, and skills. I am looking forward to leaning more fully into my call from the Lord,” he said. 

Not only does Rick think he will fulfill his calling to college min­istry by taking on this full time job, but he is also looking forward to having only one job from now on. 

“Since the day I grad­uated sem­inary in 2009, I have always had at least two jobs at a time,” he said. “It will be nice to pour all my energy into one place, and all the more so now that my family is growing and needs attention of its own.”

Katherine Rick, Adam Rick’s wife and an adjunct piano instructor and staff accom­panist at Hillsdale College, expressed her thank­fulness that they will remain at Holy Trinity. 

“It was a bit­ter­sweet decision. However, the bit­terness is tem­pered by the fact that we are not leaving Holy Trinity. Our role is changing, for sure, but we are not saying goodbye to friends,” Katherine Rick said. 

Katherine Rick said one of her fondest mem­ories from Holy Trinity was when there were several bap­tisms on a par­ticular Easter Sunday. 

“There was one Easter in par­ticular where we had five adult bap­tisms all at once. It has been a priv­ilege to witness the Spirit moving in pow­erful ways through that church, trans­forming lives, healing rela­tion­ships, deep­ening maturity, calling folks to greater sac­rifice and obe­dience,” Katherine Rick said. 

Sophomore Andrew Buon­in­contro said he often sees Rick around campus helping many stu­dents out with their walk with God. 

“I often see him sitting one on one with stu­dents at lunch. It’s nice to see he is invested in the spir­itual welfare of the stu­dents,” Buon­in­contro said. 

Rick agreed with his wife that this was a most bit­ter­sweet decision to make because of the oppor­tu­nities he has been able to take part in through his pastorship. 

“The cel­e­bration of Holy Week ser­vices is also an immense joy of mine, probably one of the major aspects of my min­istry at Holy Trinity that I will miss the most,” Rick said. 

Rick said he was thankful for the oppor­tu­nities the Lord pre­sented to him. 

“I have presided at wed­dings and funerals, I have pre­pared fam­ilies for baptism and con­fir­mation, and I have wel­comed quite a few new children into the parish family. I have shep­herded my people through such times and beyond over lunches, in living rooms, and on walks,” Rick said. “It is a real priv­ilege to be invited into people’s lives in this way, and I count it a true blessing to have been able to these past few years.”