St. Anthony’s Catholic Church in Hillsdale.
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It’s hats off to this old English high tea party — the tea is piping hot, there’s a three-course meal, and hats are optional. 

Next Sunday, Oct. 3, from 2 p.m. to 4 p.m., St. Anthony’s Catholic Church is hosting a high tea party. Tickets are $8 per person and $25 per family. 

This high tea party, thrown in honor of the Blessed Virgin Mary, is the second tea party that St. Anthony’s has thrown, their first one being in 2019. 

“With the iso­lation of COVID-19, it’s important to start getting our lives back to normal,” said Sarah Stewart, a member of the Council of Catholic Women. “We believe that coming to the high tea party with friends, family, or even having a date with your sig­nif­icant other or spouse is just what everyone needs.”

In 2019, St. Anthony’s held a regular tea party, but this year they specif­i­cally chose to host a ‘high tea’ party. 

“Both serve tea & food items such as: ‘small bites,’ tea sand­wiches, & sweets,” said Palmer Giron, a member of the Council of Catholic Women. “A high tea is held later in the day & is a more sub­stantial meal. Our tea will be a hybrid of these.”

The women of St. Anthony’s Council of Catholic Women are orga­nizing the event, and will be offering mul­tiple types of tea, three courses of food, including nearly 10 dif­ferent varieties. 

“They are designing the tables with beau­tiful linens, china, flowers, and of course, lots and lots of yummy food,” Stewart said. “Believe me, no one will walk away hungry.”