Sophomore Benedict Kennedy wins free meal plan
| Wiki­media Commons

Sophomore Benedict Kennedy won a free meal plan for the spring 2022 semester at Bon Appetit’s car­nival on the quad on Aug. 26. He secured his prize by earning the most tickets in car­nival games. 

“It’s a huge financial benefit,” Kennedy said. “As soon as I found out that I had won, I called my parents, and they were in disbelief.”

Benito Suero Jr., Bon Appetit’s general manager, said the car­nival marked the first time the company has held a giveaway at Hillsdale. Stu­dents had the oppor­tunity to win tickets at dif­ferent games such as whack-a-mole, quar­terback toss, and deer hunter, which were all manned by Bon Appetit staff. 

The student with the most tickets by the end of the night won the meal plan. Kennedy, who lives in Simpson Res­i­dence, earned 42 tickets.

“I def­i­nitely had the most success at the quar­terback toss,” Kennedy said. “ I just kept chucking the football and winning. I also had the most fun there out of all the sta­tions ban­tering with Bobby and the Simpson boys.”

In addition to the games, Bon Appetit served more than 1,200 meals and a variety of car­nival treats such as funnel cakes, popcorn, snow cones, and cotton candy. 

Suero said he and his team planned the car­nival to open the semester with a splash, espe­cially as Hillsdale wel­comes the biggest freshman class in its history. 

“Part of our mar­keting strategy this year is to really engage the student body and the faculty,” Suero said. “We really wanted some­thing fun that everyone would enjoy, and we thought, ‘Who doesn’t love a carnival?’”

Suero thought that the com­pet­itive car­nival atmos­phere, more than the prize itself, laid the grounds for a fun evening. 

Kennedy agreed. 

“While the meal plan is def­i­nitely a big benefit finan­cially,” he said, “I really just wanted to carry on Simpson’s great tra­dition of winning everything.”

Sophomore Jonah Apel was dis­ap­pointed that he did not win the free meal plan, but said he enjoyed the car­nival nonetheless. 

“It was really cool that they had little prizes for those of us who didn’t win big,” Apel said. “I really appre­ciate them putting it on. The food was a lot of fun and it was great to get to know the Bon Appetit staff better in that relaxed environment.” 

“I’m always in such a rush during meal­times that I never stop to thank the dining staff or talk to them,” he added.

Suero said the car­nival was such a success that Bon Appetit will make it an annual event.