When sophomore Caleb Greene began dreaming up million-dollar ideas, he and his dreams hit the waves, literally. 

Greene created his own wakesurf board company, Glen Lake Surf Co., in the summer of 2020. 

Greene con­ceived the idea for GLSC in June 2020 while working his summer job at the Glen Craft Marina in Glen Arbor, Michigan. 

“I was with my friend there, and it was a slow day so we were just hanging out in the office, and he, for some reason, started talking about million-dollar ideas,” Greene said. 

Greene said the idea for a custom surf­board company even­tually came up. 

“I decided to run with it and do some mockup stuff on my com­puter to see what it would look like if I were to order parts for boards,” Greene said. 

After finding his first client, Acme Pro­pellers, Greene started working out of his garage, building two boards in 2020. As one would expect, business slowed down as the weather got colder. 

Growing a company while in school required deter­mi­nation. His roommate, sophomore Mathew Muller, wit­nessed this resolve first hand.

“Caleb is a very deter­mined indi­vidual,” Muller said. “I looked up to how much time he ded­i­cated to school freshman year. His love for surfing helps him keep this deter­mi­nation. If you don’t believe me, just come to our dorm, and look at all of the water skis, surf­boards, and posters of lakes filling our room.” 

As warmer weather rolled around in 2021, the oppor­tunity to let GLSC grow pre­sented itself again. One of Greene’s former high school teachers, Richard Butcher, joined him as a business partner, allowing for more effi­cient production. 

“When this summer started I saw a really good oppor­tunity to get involved and work with Caleb to produce wakesurf boards,” Butcher said. “I jumped at the chance.”

He also noted the effect GLSC has had on Greene’s overall demeanor. 

“When Caleb was in high school we used to joke there were two Caleb’s: the Caleb that was in school and ‘Up North Caleb,’” Butcher said. “In school Caleb was always stressed about grades and uptight about every­thing. ‘Up North Caleb’ was laid back and had every­thing under control. I think as GLSC grows we will see ‘Up North Caleb’ turn into the full time guy that he is, and I feel like I can already see that happening.” 

Greene has also incor­po­rated his own cre­ative flair into board design. Drawing on his love for the northern part of Michigan, Greene was able to partner with a brand called 45th Par­allel and produce a board which show­cased the Michigan area with the par­allel running through it. 

GLSC has also started to become a family oper­ation. Greene’s sister is cur­rently in charge of the Instagram account and handles all the mar­keting for the company. 

“It’s been really fun to work with her and see her take off with it,” Greene said. “She’s kind of taken it and made it really pro­fes­sional and really cool.” 

Greene also brought his brother on to produce boards. This has allowed him to start thinking about the future of the company. 

“I brought my brother on with the idea to start training him so that in a couple years when I graduate and move on to another job, he could take over and con­tinue to run the business in some capacity and con­tinue to build boards and grow it,” Greene said. 

Regardless of where the business goes, Greene has gained expe­rience and created mem­ories which will last a lifetime. GLSC has allowed him to pursue a sport that he loves. 

“I think it’s really cool that you can get out and surf, but you don’t have to have waves or wind or any­thing like that,” Greene said. “It’s also really social, and it’s a lot of fun to be with your family, and have that bonding experience.” 

Greene noted that he would encourage everyone to get out and give wakesurfing a try. No matter what anyone thinks about wakesurfing, Greene believes that anyone can have a blast, and they might even see him out on the lake.