Sean Barstow (left) and Brennan Cim­peanu (right) during their unde­feated weekend
Courtesy | Isabella Sheehan

The Hillsdale College Men’s tennis team started off their fall season at the Chargers Men’s Tennis Invite, where they won four dif­ferent draw titles.

Sopho­mores Brennan Cim­peanu and Sean Barstow each went 6 – 0 between singles and doubles play. Together, they won the A doubles draw title, Head Coach Keith Turner called the pairing the best doubles he’s ever seen played for the team since he began coaching with the team in 2015.

“It was our first time playing together offi­cially, we each had dif­ferent partners last year,” Cim­peanu said. “There was def­i­nitely a little bit of trying to get a feel for the ball and each other as partners. Once we got a sig­nif­icant lead in the first match, we just sort of con­nected, and it carried us through the rest of doubles.”

Indi­vid­ually, the two sopho­mores also went unde­feated, with Cim­peanu bringing home the A singles draw titles, and Barstow leaving as the B singles draw champion.

“We had some good teams here, espe­cially Wayne State, for Brennan to go out and beat the guys from Wayne State and the guys on the top flight was just awesome,” Turner said. “Sean had one of the best indi­vidual wins I’ve seen in my career as a coach, in the semi-final match when he beat Niklas Karcz from Wayne State. That guy’s an amazing player, for Sean to beat him was just amazing.”

Barstow agreed with his coaches’ high praise, he com­mended the skill of his opponent, and said that he remembers him beating one of his best team­mates last year.

“That’s good to hear, that match was really close, basi­cally the whole way through, I thought I played amazing,” Barstow said. 

In the finals of the B singles draw bracket, Barstow met senior teammate Brian Hackman. The two played a match that Barstow called much more relaxed than his others at the competition. 

At the same time on Sunday, sophomore Daniel Gilbert was fin­ishing up the tie-breaking set in his final match. Gilbert pulled out the win to earn the C singles draw con­so­lation bracket title.

“We’re a little bit deeper than we’ve been in the past, but we’ve got some injuries right now with some freshman, unfor­tu­nately we weren’t able to see a lot from them,” Turner said. “Brennan and Sean playing the way they did, and Brian and Daniel also had really good tour­na­ments, that’s four really good players right there, and we’ve got some other guys that will cer­tainly be strong helping us as well.”

For the Men’s tennis team, their fall season is sig­nif­i­cantly shorter than its spring coun­terpart. The next and only event remaining on the team’s docket until Feb­ruary is the ITA Midwest Regional. 

“Hope­fully the freshman will be more able to compete in a couple of weeks, we hope they’ll be fully healthy and I can get an idea, seeing what they’re all about,” Turner said. “That’s the most important thing in the fall, is seeing what the freshman have, we’re looking forward to it and I’m hoping for some great results.”