The mobile unit van will help dis­tribute COVID-19 vac­cines. | Facebook

The Branch-Hillsdale-St. Joseph Com­munity Health Agency received a mobile clinic on Feb. 10. 

Health Officer Rebecca Burns said the agency is final­izing insurance and getting Motor Vehicle Records for the members of the staff who will be driving it, so it has not been mobi­lized yet. 

“The agency iden­tified a need for a mobile clinic around 2010,” Burns said. “We know that some of our clients have trans­portation lim­i­ta­tions and would be better served if we could come to the town in which they live.”

Ini­tially the clinic will be used for COVID-19 testing and vac­ci­na­tions, but even­tually Burns said they plan to use it for standard immu­niza­tions and other public health services. 

“Our plan is to have a two person team assigned to the mobile unit: a nurse and clerk,” Burns said. “We will also have other staff members cleared to drive the unit when needed.”

Kali Nichols, the per­sonal health and disease pre­vention director, is the head of the staff that will be using the mobile clinic once it is oper­a­tional. She said the current team of nurses and tech­ni­cians are already trained for the pro­grams that the clinic will be utilizing.

“It’s pos­sible that we might need to make some policy or pro­cedure adjust­ments given the limited space and nature of the mobile unit, but overall our team has the knowledge to run it,” Nichols said. 

Nichols hopes the clinic will provide a sense of comfort and trust in the community. 

“I hope that people will begin to see and rec­ognize this big white van and know that we are here to serve and support them in every capacity that we can,” Nichols said.