Rachel Kookogey is a junior studying Rhetoric and Public Address and Jour­nalism (Hillsdale Collegian)

Opinions editor Rachel Kookogey orig­i­nally arrived at Hillsdale with hopes of being a pre-med student.

However, one trip to the Col­legian office changed those plans. 

“I just walked into the office, just to see what it was like,” Kookogey said. “And I kind of got guilted into it.” 

Kookogey began her Col­legian career at the end of her first semester at Hillsdale with an article reviewing “A Christmas Story”. 

This article led her to rethink her future goals at Hillsdale. 

“The extracur­ric­ulars I wanted to do were mostly jour­nalism related, so I had to ask myself why I was tying myself down tolike a science major if my interests are more tied to other majors.” 

This led Kookogey to pursue her interest in the Rhetoric and Public Address major. 

Kookogey took her first rhetoric class with Dr. Stoneman and reports that she hasn’t looked back since. 

Rachel also dove head-first into the jour­nalism program. During this time, Rachel dis­covered her love of cov­ering live events. 

“It was really cool seeing your name in print, and then just meeting people and being able to tell [other people’s] stories,” Kookogey. “I just dove head­first and got really involved in it. 

Kookogey soon aspired to be a Col­legian editor after vis­iting the office one night before the papers were sent to the printer. 

“I walked in and was like, ‘oh my gosh, like, I’m just a freshman and all these people are staff. But I knew I wanted to be here on Wednesday nights the fol­lowing year.” 

Rachel’s favorite part of jour­nalism is getting to meet, interview, and work with a variety of people. She hopes to utilize these com­mu­ni­cation skills upon graduation. 

“Whatever I do, I def­i­nitely want it to be people ori­ented and working in person,” Kookogey said. “I might do some­thing with broadcast or in event planning, using skills that I’ve learned in college like working with people and problem solving. That’s the nice thing about the Jour­nalism minor and the Rhetoric of Public Address major, they are very versatile.”

Outside of the office, you can catch Rachel staying active and involved in the college by teaching dance lessons and running social media for Hillsdale’s own Hockey Club.

Kookogey looks forward to con­tinuing her Col­legian career during her senior year.