We are well into It’s finally November and every­thing around campus screams fall. This can only mean one thing: Thanks­giving is fast approaching. Now more than ever is a great time to gather your friends and cel­e­brate the year’s blessings. If you are a Friends­giving first-timer, keep reading for five helpful steps.

Pick a Theme

The theme is most important because it sets the vibe for your gath­ering. Although a typical thanks­giving decor is always an option, con­sider getting more cre­ative and choosing some­thing more catered to you and your friends. For example, if you love Hal­loween and aren’t ready to say goodbye to the spooky season just yet, con­sider a haunted house theme. Pin­terest boards are a great first stop to gather some more ideas. 

Plan a Menu

The next step is to decide the type of food you will serve. For example, you can cook a tra­di­tional Thanks­giving meal, all-American cuisine, or a set up a soup bar. If the thought of making the entire Friends­giving meal is a bit daunting to you, ask each person to bring a dif­ferent dish. A great way to organize these assign­ments and ensure that there are no repeats is to have each person sign up on a Google spreadsheet.

Make a Grat­itude Board

An easy way to give thanks during your Friends­giving is to make a grat­itude board. All you will need for this is a chalk­board, some chalk, and a little cre­ativity. Each attendee can write down a few things for which they are grateful on the board as they enter the dining room. After the get-together, you and your friends can take a photo of the board and share it as a reminder of the good times.

Dec­orate Mini-Wish Bones

A classic Thanks­giving tra­dition is breaking the wishbone of a turkey. Turn this classic tra­dition into some the­matic dec­o­ration. A great way to do this is to DIY some clay wish­bones or spray paint some real ones for a col­orful place setting.

Make a Playlist

Make the final touch to your gath­ering with a great playlist. Custom playlists are always a fun way to get people excited for your Friends­giving. You can even create a shared playlist on Spotify with your friends so that everyone can add a song or two that they love. If you don’t want the pressure of cre­ating a song list of your own, Spotify offers several Friends­giving-themed playlists.

Although pre-planning for a Friends­giving is important, remember the main focus is about spending some quality time with your friends. So, don’t over stress about the details and remember to have fun!