A student hosts a radio show. Kiara Freeman | Courtesy

For at least four straight hours on election night, Hillsdale’s radio stu­dents will broadcast live from the Searle Center.

With Fox News and CNN streaming and a menu including more than 2,000 chicken wings from Wings Etc. Grill & Pub, the com­bined election night watch-party and broadcast marathon will run from 8 p.m. on Nov. 3 until mid­night or later, depending on how quickly results are cal­cu­lated. The event, open to all of campus, is co-hosted by College Repub­licans and Young Amer­icans for Freedom. 

“We figured nat­u­rally people are going to flock to one area to watch the election, and that would probably be the TV lounge,” Radio Host Stefan Kleinhenz, a senior, said. “Our goal here is just to move them one building over, to the Searle Center, and let’s all watch it together.”

Three student radio hosts, seniors Matthew Fisher, Martin Petersen, and Kleinhenz, will provide com­mentary on air throughout the night. Five other stu­dents will serve as pan­elists, pro­viding addi­tional com­mentary and helping interview nearly 20 guests ranging from pro­fessors and stu­dents to can­di­dates, con­gressmen, and alumni around the country. 

Mean­while, several radio stu­dents and vol­un­teers — dubbed “the War Room,” according to Kleinhenz — will provide ongoing research. Other stu­dents will coor­dinate and produce the event from back in the studio. Stu­dents inter­ested in vol­un­teering can contact Rachel Kookogey. 

The entire event will be student-run, Radio Station General Manager Scot Bertram said.

“Per­sonally, I’m attempting to be as hands-off as pos­sible so the stu­dents are really able to con­ceive, plan, and execute the entire night,” Bertram said. “I’ll be on hand to help set up, trou­bleshoot as things pop up, but if I don’t have to do any­thing, that’s a good night.”

The four-hour broadcast has been in the works since January, when Fisher and Kleinhenz pro­posed the idea to Bertram. This is the first live event of this scale the radio station has put together since the station began in 2016.

“It’s really nice to see that there was this interest to do an event like this,” Bertram said. “I’ve done election night cov­erage in the past on pres­i­dential election nights, both in college and pro­fes­sionally, and they really are some of the most inter­esting, fun, exhil­a­rating times to be around. You truly don’t know — no matter what the polls say — what’s going to happen, until votes start getting counted.”