The interior of Small Town Sweet Bou­tique in Hillsdale | Facebook

Harry Potter fans can get their fix of but­terbeer and quid­ditch at Small Town Sweet Boutique’s third annual “A Night at Hog­warts” event. The fes­tiv­ities will take place Oct. 19 from 6 – 11 p.m. at the McCall’s Center Reception Hall.

According to store manager Danielle Brock, the event was inspired by her own love of Potter and desire to share it with others.

“Our goal really is to just have some­thing unique to Hillsdale and the sur­rounding area because there aren’t a lot of these kinds of events around here,” Brock said. “It’s a special, once-a-year expe­rience that people don’t have to travel to Orlando to enjoy.”

This year, “A Night at Hog­warts” will include several new additions.

“We’ve expanded to the other side of the event center,” Brock said. “We’ll have a large pro­jector screen playing Harry Potter movies where guests can watch the films with other Potter fans and eat free popcorn. We’ll also have a Hon­ey­dukes candy bar and they can fill up their bags with treats. In addition, we’re adding a magical crea­tures activity based off of the new ‘Fan­tastic Beasts’ movie. There’ll be clues and riddles and people will have to guess what the crea­tures are.”

Brock said fans of all ages are welcome and dressing up as char­acters from the series is encouraged.

“We’ve had guests from 8 years old all the way to their 50s and 60s,” she said. “It really is a family and com­munity affair.”

Amber Gibbs and her sons have par­tic­i­pated in the event for the past two years.

“It is so nice to have an event like this in town,” Gibbs said in an email. “They pay so much attention to the details. I have encouraged family, friends and col­leagues to go to the event, and they have all enjoyed them­selves. Hon­estly, attendees don’t even have to know any­thing about Harry Potter to have a good time.”

Admission is $25 and includes all activ­ities and the movie lounge, although there is an addi­tional charge for the Hon­eyduke bar. Tickets are available for sale up until the start of the event.