There’s a new web design business in town.

Amanda Hon­eywell, a self-taught graphic and web designer, launched Hillsdale Web Design in March. Hillsdale Web Design offers all types of web ser­vices — including hosting, cre­ating, man­aging, and consulting.

Hon­eywell cur­rently works full-time for Stock­house Cor­po­ration, but picked up web design when she was on maternity leave a few years ago.

“I knew that times are changing and things need to be more digital, so I just started learning about web design,” Hon­eywell said. “I was able to teach myself. It’s super fun and I really enjoy it. I could do it for hours and not even realize that I’m working.”

Hon­eywell has been designing web­sites for a couple of years, but offi­cially launched Hillsdale Web Design last month. Though she hasn’t attempted to market Hillsdale Web Design, Hon­eywell has seen her fair share of business. 

Hon­eywell said she sees a “huge market” for web design in Hillsdale, and even helped start Hillsdale County’s Chamber of Commerce’s new website.

“Every day I see some­thing where I think, ‘This would look better if they had a better photo, or if it was laid out in a dif­ferent way, or if they hired someone to write content,’” Hon­eywell said. 

Hon­eywell explained it is much easier to create a website today com­pared to a decade ago.

“It’s not expensive to have a website nowadays. It was ten years ago — it would cost you $20,000 just to have one created. But there’s so many dif­ferent ways to have a website. It can be beau­tiful, and you don’t even have to pay someone like me to create it from scratch. You can just pay me to put it together,” Hon­eywell said. 

Hon­eywell is not pushing her web design cur­rently as she is com­mitted to her job at Stock­house, but she hopes to turn it into a full-time endeavor at some point in the future.

“My ultimate goal is to ramp up the web design,” Hon­eywell said. “Right now it’s helping me get expe­rience and it’s helping me build a base.”