Few authors can claim the dis­tinct honor of having sold more copies than there are words in their book, but after pub­lishing the 1,235 words and the 300 mostly-blank pages of “Reasons to Vote for Democrats: A Com­pre­hensive Guide,” Michael J. Knowles is one of them.

With well over 80 thousand copies sold since it was pub­lished on Feb. 8, the empty book remained the best-selling work of lit­er­ature on Amazon for more than four con­sec­utive days in March.

Knowles, a Daily Wire employee and Yale graduate, said he paid nothing to publish the book, which he divided into 10 chapters with titles such as “Eco­nomics,” “Values,” and “Civil Rights,”– each com­pletely devoid of words.

A front-cover blurb from Daily Wire editor-in-chief Ben Shapiro reads, “Thorough.”

“It will be hard to match this effort-reward ratio in any future books, but I’ll give it a try,” Knowles said.

Despite the book’s light-hearted pre­sen­tation, Knowles said his bib­li­og­raphy is no joke, ref­er­encing more than 60 sources from Saul Alin­sky’s “Rules for Rad­icals” to Mar­garet Sanger’s “Women and the New Race.”

“After you read the thou­sands of pages ref­er­enced in the bib­li­og­raphy, I don’t think the reader has any choice but to accept the book’s thesis: that there are no reasons to vote for Democrats,” Knowles said.

For better or worse, Hillsdale College left its own mark on the book. Hidden on the second page of the bib­li­og­raphy Knowles levels against the Left is “Woodrow Wilson and the Roots of Modern Lib­er­alism,” written by Hillsdale’s own Pro­fessor of Pol­itics Ron Pestritto.

“I think the book would make a great gift for anyone’s liberal friends,” Pestritto said.

Despite the book’s success, it was snubbed from the New York Time’s best­sellers list, an over­sight which Knowles said the Times declined to explain.

This is not the only dif­fi­culty Knowles’ book has faced, however, as Amazon briefly took down the book from its website.

“I’m not making any alle­ga­tions,” Knowles said. “But Amazon took it down just minutes after I was inter­viewed about it on ‘Fox & Friends.’”

Knowles said the book was again made available for pur­chase after he called Amazon and men­tioned com­plaining to the press.

Amazon users have given “Reasons to Vote For Democrats” 4.7 stars, with many of the written reviews cap­i­tal­izing on the book’s levity.

“Absolutely riv­eting,” one five-star reviewer said. “Knowles clearly put in some serious leg work and every page will leave you begging for more.”

Another wrote, “I can’t wait for its release on audio!”