Bryce Asberg shows a book about preg­nancy devel­opment.
Col­legian | Elyse Hawkins

Helping Hands Preg­nancy Resource Center recently hired Bryce Asberg, a ‘21 Hillsdale graduate, as their new exec­utive director. 

The center, located in Hillsdale, Michigan, pro­vides both spir­itual and material ser­vices to men and women in the com­munity facing chal­lenging preg­nancy situations. 

“There was a need and I was asked to con­sider filling it,” Asberg said. 

He said it was an unex­pected offer, but after some con­sid­er­ation and prayer, he decided to take it. “It was the perfect fit for me.”

The other staff at Helping Hands said they are excited to have Asberg as their new exec­utive director and also appre­ciate the con­nec­tions he will have with Hillsdale College.

“We are glad to have someone from the college,” said Susan Cogswell, Helping Hands Vol­unteer Coordinator.

Asberg said he hopes he will be able to serve both the local com­munity and the larger pro-life movement.

“I firmly believe that men have a part to play in the pro-life movement and ulti­mately abortion isn’t going to end until men stand up and take respon­si­bility,” Asberg said. “It’s an honor to get to be a part of that.” 

A new director is just the first of many changes coming to Helping Hands. 

Just this week, Helping Hands had an ultra­sound machine delivered. They will now be able to provide ultra­sounds to the com­munity at no cost to their clients. 

“That’ll be huge to get more clients through our doors,” Asberg said.

This also means that Helping Hands will be tran­si­tioning to offering medical ser­vices above and beyond those offered at a normal preg­nancy center. 

“We will now be insured and oper­ating as a medical clinic,” Asberg said. “That’s huge.” 

Helping Hands’ des­ig­nation as a medical clinic is made pos­sible through a part­nership with local medical pro­fes­sionals who offer their time and ser­vices to provide ultra­sounds to women in need.

“It’s hard to over­state the power of an ultra­sound,” Asberg said. “For a lot of women who are in chal­lenging preg­nancy sit­u­a­tions, it can be a way to keep going.” 

Helping Hands also con­tinues to grow its vol­unteer base and com­munity out­reach pro­grams. This includes building rela­tion­ships with local church youth groups and area school districts. 

Asberg said he believes there are many people in the com­munity vul­nerable to abortion who don’t know there are ser­vices available to get them the help they need. 

“We are so eager to help the men and women in those sit­u­a­tions,” he said. 

Hillsdale stu­dents can also get involved with Helping Hands and its mission.

“There are many, many ways stu­dents could be a help to us in the center,” Asberg said. 

Junior Lawson Doden has vol­un­teered with Helping Hands since his freshman year. 

“The people here are really great to work with and talk with,” he said.

Doden said he often hears objec­tions to the pro-life movement, claiming that pro-lifers only care about babies before they are born. He said he finds that notion to largely not be the case. 

“I like that this place does care,” Doden said. “I want to show support for them by volunteering.”

Cogswell said she has also had a pos­itive expe­rience working at Helping Hands. “You get paid in blessings.” 

Asberg said he is excited  Helping Hands will now have the ability to provide even more ser­vices for those vul­nerable to abortion.

“Now we’re just ready to kick into action and meet needs in the community.”