Andrew Fink’s cam­paign manager and Hillsdale College junior, Jacob Hooper stands with cam­paign sign. Courtesy | Jacob Hooper

When junior Jacob Hooper approached local attorney Andrew Fink after a GOP meeting last fall, he had no idea he would become his cam­paign manager. Hooper had been involved in local pol­itics as a member of Hillsdale College Repub­licans and found himself agreeing with Fink’s stances toward small-gov­ernment prin­ciples and fiscal respon­si­bility.

Fink, who later declared his can­didacy for Michigan’s 58th House Dis­trict, named Hooper his cam­paign manager in December, and the two quickly bonded through some­thing far removed from public policy: music.

 “Andrew and I debated over our very dif­ferent tastes in music. Andrew really likes obscure 70’s music like the Allman Brothers, the Flying Bur­ritos, and a few cool bands like ZZ Top while I like con­tem­porary music like Bruno Mars, J. Cole, and Travis Scott,” said Hooper. 

This bonding ensured a secure part­nership which would ulti­mately con­tribute to Fink’s victory in the August primary.

A political cam­paign, much like any work­place, can have its fair share of adventure. Hooper brought up several notable moments from his time on the cam­paign trail, ranging from meeting the son of a Detroit Metro area con­gressman to vis­iting one of the largest private firearms col­lec­tions east of the Mis­sis­sippi — which included an under­ground shooting range and a rifle used during the American Civil War.

Beyond that, Hooper learned valuable lessons through his summer of cam­paign work, such as the impor­tance of com­mu­ni­cation, out­reach, and not taking political attacks per­sonally. Both Hooper and Fink signed the Hillsdale College Honor Code as stu­dents, which they took seri­ously when con­ducting the cam­paign. 

“When we sign this code, we carry it with us for the rest of our life,” said Hooper. “I can proudly put my name behind Andrew Fink and the cam­paign we ran.”

Hooper also stressed his desire to thank the indi­viduals who made his job suc­cessful, including Fink, the cam­paign social media manager, and sup­porters of Fink’s cam­paign.

Ben Wilson, a vol­unteer for the Fink cam­paign and a good friend of Hooper said he worked incredibly hard this past summer. 

“He spent countless hours talking to voters about important issues and did an impec­cable job leading the cam­paign,” Wilson said. “Jacob’s ded­i­cation to the Fink cam­paign shows his love and devotion to freedom and liberty, and that he’s willing to fight hard for his values.” 

Fink shared these sen­ti­ments. “Jacob was intrinsic to the success of my primary cam­paign. His steady work ethic, energy, and integrity were beyond his years … we couldn’t have asked for a better first-time cam­paign manager, and we know Jacob will knock any­thing out of the park he sets his mind to, espe­cially in pol­itics.”

When asked about his plans for the future, Hooper said he is attending the Wash­ington-Hillsdale Internship Program in the Fall semester of 2020, but he has not turned his eye away from Michigan. “In a few years, I would love to work on another cam­paign, espe­cially if it is in the Hillsdale area. I know the streets around here better than my own home in Grand Rapids. Hillsdale became a second home for me this summer, and I hope to keep it like that for years to come.”