“Green is the New Black,” Hills­dale’s newest radio show, will explore wellness and healthy eating. Danielle Lee | Courtesy

William Persson, mar­keting coor­di­nator for Bon Appetit, and junior Danielle Lee, mar­keting assistant for the school’s food provider, have teamed up for a weekly radio show to air on Radio Free Hillsdale. “Green Is the New Black” will be on the college’s radio station on Thursdays at 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.

The show aims to discuss aspects of wellness and healthy living people nor­mally don’t focus on. Lee and Persson hope to broaden the public’s per­spective when they con­sider a food provider’s attempts to encourage healthy eating and living.

“It’s really just to have a dif­ferent way to bring infor­mation about wellness and sus­tain­ability to stu­dents, and ideally around the country even­tually,” Persson said.

Lee hosts the show, and she and Persson discuss trendy diets like keto and car­nivore. Lee said the show’s topics will strate­gi­cally coincide with certain times during the school year. Com­mitting to healthy habits that include dieting are common at the beginning of semesters, and things like regular sleep schedules and stress eating coincide with exam season.

“People overlook wellness a lot. They regard it as a kind of weakness,” Lee said. ”But just to take a minute to step back is good for you, because you do need a healthy body and healthy mindset to function well.”

The show has already reached beyond Hillsdale as lis­teners connect with the show on social media. Bon Appetit’s official Twitter account even retweeted its first episode. But at Hillsdale, Persson said the show has a par­ticular purpose.

“Hillsdale stu­dents like having a dia­logue about dif­ferent topics,” Persson said. “Instead of just giving infor­mation, it’s an effort to start a con­ver­sation.”

While most stu­dents know Bon Appetit foremost for its food service, its man­agement empha­sizes a wide lifestyle brand cen­tered on wellness, which is what “Green Is the New Black” will high­light.

Junior Emma Noverr has become a devoted lis­tener to the “Green is the New Black.” 

“I love lis­tening to their podcast as a break from homework and a stress reliever. I care about wellness because it’s the foun­dation that I build the rest of my life on,” Noverr said. “If I don’t feel like I’m living well or healthy, other areas of like my aca­d­emics and social life suffer.” 

Topics will include human traf­ficking, eating local, organic farming, and more. Lee and Persson plan to have guests who are experts on par­ticular topics to provide insight throughout the semester. 

“The goal is to get more ‘why’ answers [from our guests],” Persson said. “I can give the rational answers on why we’ve decided to commit to doing some­thing, but they provide the human com­ponent.”

Ulti­mately, the show hopes to connect all of its topics to create a better under­standing of what it means to live a life of wellness and why that lifestyle is worth it.

“With health and wellness, there’s spir­itual, bodily, and mental, and all of these things are coming together to form a ‘well’ human being. Being well, there’s some­thing behind it,” Persson said. “The reason why we would say it’s important is it’s going to be con­ducive to you living a happy life.”

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