Bill Schuette | Flickr

In less than two weeks, Michigan faces an important decision. The state can either con­tinue to move forward and grow, or it can fall back on the failed policies of the past —policies that will hinder the state’s growth and slash oppor­tunity for its cit­izens. Bill Schuette will take Michigan in the right direction, Gretchen Whitmer will hold it back.

As Attorney General, Schuette has fought con­sis­tently for the people of Michigan. From taking the Envi­ron­mental Pro­tection Agency to task over job-killing reg­u­la­tions; to leading the effort to pros­ecute con­victed sexual predator Larry Nassar; to bringing corrupt public offi­cials to justice, Schuette’s record speaks for itself. He is now seeking to use that expe­rience to serve Michigan as gov­ernor.

Schuette has laid out a bold vision for Michigan, which he has named the “Pay­check Agenda.” A key com­ponent of Schuette’s plan is a repeal of the 2007 tax increase, cham­pioned by Gretchen Whitmer. Other top pri­or­ities in the “Pay­check Agenda” include bringing down auto insurance rates for Michi­ganders, improving infra­structure, and bol­stering Michigan’s edu­cation system. Schuette Se has vowed to pri­or­itize repairs for roads and bridges in the state budget,  and improve the third grade lit­eracy rate in public schools while expanding career training pro­grams.

Gretchen Whitmer, on the other hand, has gotten into bed with the far­thest left fac­tions of her party. Sen. Bernie Sanders (I‑Vermont), a well-known socialist, recently came to Michigan and cam­paigned on her behalf. Whitmer sup­ports the kind of tax-and-spend policies and excessive reg­u­la­tions that lead to job losses in a time when Michigan needs them more than ever.

Iron­i­cally, Whitmer’s eco­nomic agenda attempts to latch on to the strong national eco­nomic head­winds brought about by Pres­ident Donald Trump’s policies. Trump was an early sup­porter of Schuette, and he con­tinues to make his support of him known.

Michigan faces a choice on Nov. 6. Either it can embrace the pro-growth policies of Bill Schuette that will lead to more money in the pockets of Michigan fam­ilies and more jobs and oppor­tu­nities for everyone, or it can veer off towards the hard-left policies that have failed us in the past. For the future of Michigan, the choice is clear. Bill Schuette is the gov­ernor this great state deserves.

Connor Kaeb is a sophomore studying pol­itics.