Women’s March on Washington participants carry signs to demonstrate against abortion restrictions, climate change, and sexual assault. Madeline Fry | Collegian

Millions of women from all walks of life celebrated International Women’s Day on March 8 — a day meant to inspire and strengthen all women. But when some women who had embraced the feminist label tried to join their ranks holding pro-life signs, they were berated.

The day was supposed to represent the pride all women can take in being uniquely and wonderfully made. Instead, those who disagree with modern feminism’s pro-choice advocacy found themselves on the outside, ridiculed for thinking that they as women — who happen to support the right to life — had a place among the other feminists.

Perhaps they were too busy “empowering” each other to recognize the irony.

A group of radicals consumed the modern feminist movement, presenting an ultimatum: join the feminist movement or accept that women will remain oppressed. These radicals became representative of the feminist agenda, turning the once inspiring movement into a bullying spree.

The ideological underpinnings of the modern feminist movement only appeal to a select group of women who support the vulgar tactics radical feminists adopted — like donning cat-eared hats and parading with profanity.

Even students on campus who identify as feminist, like senior Rachael Reynolds, are astounded at the lack of common decency shown by these outspoken women.

“A movement that is striving toward equality is being hindered by a small minority of radicals. They aren’t representative of the values most feminists hold,” Reynolds said. “I do not agree with the vulgarity some radicals display in their actions or rhetoric, and I do not believe that should be taken to represent the feminist movement.”

According to Reynolds, a small minority of radical lunatics twisted the original goals of feminism — equal pay, reproductive rights, and suffrage — into a movement first-wave feminists would scarcely recognize.

Perhaps so many Americans find this new wave of feminism distasteful not because of the vulgar women who represent it, but because its true goals stand against everything many women want and need.

Feminists market themselves as the provider of everything women want, but in reality, the principles of their movement render them incapable of accomplishing this.

In the name of securing “equal rights,” modern feminism emphasizes a radical desire to make women completely autonomous — dependent on no one but themselves and Lena Dunham. The movement rejects fundamental desires many women share, including protection from men and the joys of motherhood.

Feminism is becoming so unattractive because of a prevalent and blatant disrespect for life among many of its ideologues. It seems these advocates will do just about anything to liberate a woman from the responsibility of motherhood, except of course the morally sound alternative of abstinence. The abhorrent disrespect for life drives feminists’ disgust with women who identify as pro-life feminists.

Not only that, but many modern feminists ignore the natural interdependence of the sexes. For instance, Sheila Cronin, the leader of the National Organization for Women, attacked traditional marriage for years, arguing its only purpose is to enslave women. When asked why she was so adamantly opposed to the sacred tradition, she said:

Since marriage constitutes slavery for women, it is clear that the women’s movement must concentrate on attacking this institution,” Cronin said. “Freedom for women cannot be won without the abolition of marriage.”

But this caricature of marriage is just that. in fact, the vast majority of women today want the mutual dependency found in a relationship. The modern feminist movement is insulting to women who have respect for life and morality. The ridiculous notion that everything “offensive” is the patriarchy’s attempt to enslave women and force them to become barefoot, pregnant kitchen slaves, is degrading.

The modern feminist movement, driven by radicals, gives self-respecting women no reason why we should jump on the bandwagon. If feminists want support, or even sympathy, they need to move beyond the radical autonomy of the individual. In order to truly stand for what all women want and need, modern feminism needs to embrace all women’s rights, including the right to life.


Ms. McGhee is a sophomore George Washington Fellow studying politics and journalism.

  • Jennifer Melfi

    ??? this doesn’t make a lot of sense???

  • Susan Wheadon

    Please take into account Kaylee that women risked their lives so that you would have a chance to vote. If you think those hats are weird try to imagine women who chained themselves, starved themselves and were force fed. Women were considered property. Also please remember that women do not have equal rights in this country and that the Equal Rights Amendment was never passed. I wish you would see the documentary Equal Means Equal to further understand what women are concerned about. I think our educational system is doing a disservice to women when they do not teach women about their own history. Also, there is a huge issue involving “white privilege”. This is another area that you need to explore as you learn and grow. My best to you. Have you seen the movie Suffragette?