Qualite lights illu­minate Hillsdale College’s Frank “Muddy” Waters stadium. Jessie Fox | Col­legian

Hillsdale’s Qualite Sports Lighting is one of the world’s top stadium lighting com­panies. Its newest lighting system — the Q‑LED Gamechanger Series — was recently nom­i­nated to win the Edison Award, which rec­og­nizes product devel­opment inno­va­tions.

Qualite’s main office has been located in Hillsdale for nearly 30 years while making a name for itself in sports sta­diums across the country. Most recently, the local company built and installed the lighting system for Super Bowl XLIX in Uni­versity of Phoenix Stadium, home of the Arizona Car­dinals. Qualite has sup­plied lighting for other pro­fes­sional venues, such as U.S. Cel­lular Field, home of the Chicago White Sox; and soccer and cricket sta­diums overseas.

A staple in the lighting industry, Qualite has been com­mitted to doing most of its man­u­fac­turing in Hillsdale.

“We do the engi­neering, design, quoting, prewiring, labeling, and pole assembly all here in Hillsdale,” Qualite Pres­ident Nick Page said.

Page said Qualite will be focusing pri­marily on its new Gamechanger Series as the company con­tinues to make a name for itself.

“It’s a better product,” Page said. “The beauty of it is that it works with any­thing, from parks and recre­ational facil­ities to pro­fes­sional sta­diums.”

The Gamechanger Series is unique because of its unique beam spreads, glare control, and linear design. It is unlike any other sports lighting system, which is why it was nom­i­nated for the Edison Award, Page said.

According to a press release from Qualite, the Edison Award com­pe­tition is an “annual, global com­pe­tition hon­oring excel­lence in new product and service devel­opment, mar­keting, human-cen­tered design, and inno­vation.”

Though the Gamechanger Series is still only a finalist in the com­pe­tition, Qualite owner Eric Boorom said the nom­i­nation has been the greatest honor in the company’s history thus far.

“The Edison Award nom­i­nation is a tes­tament to the insight, intu­itiveness and somewhat radical devel­opment of the GameChanger product,” Boorom said in a statement. “We knew we wanted to make a statement to the industry, and the Edison Award nom­i­nation has val­i­dated our work.”