9-year-old Jace Lyon has been missing since 9 p.m. on Wednesday evening. He was found on Friday | Hillsdale County Sheriff’s Office

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Hillsdale County Police con­firmed to The Col­legian that 9-year-old Jace Lyon, who has been missing since Jan 18, was found on Friday evening. He is unin­jured and safe. 

“Everybody’s happy that he was found safe and in good health,” a spokesperson from the sheriff’s office said.

According to a press release from the Sheriff’s office, Jace Lyon was found at 6:51 p.m. in Fayette Township. In a video, Sheriff Tim Parker said that Jace  Lyon was found in a res­i­dence on North Hillsdale Rd., about one mile from his house. The res­ident found Jace Lyon hiding in his home and called the Sheriff’s office to alert them of his where­abouts.

Parker said that Child Pro­tective Ser­vices will be speaking to Jace Lyon and will inves­tigate his home life.

The Hillsdale Sheriff’s office, the Michigan Department of Natural Resources, and State Police have been actively searching for Jace for more than 48 hours. The Federal Bureau of Inves­ti­gation also offered ser­vices.

Hillsdale Campus security and vol­unteer stu­dents and faculty also aided in the search. On Friday morning, about 100 vol­un­teers from the Hillsdale com­munity rallied at the Field of Dreams this morning to comb the area for Jace Lyon, last seen Wednesday evening. But, no progress had been made, despite more than seven hours of vol­unteer efforts.

More than 100 Com­munity members joined to search for Jace Lyon on Friday morning | Emily Blatter

A blood­hound was able to trace Lyon’s scent east from his home, sug­gesting that he headed toward the swampy coun­tryside near Half Moon Lake Road. Officers spent the night searching door-to-door for Lyon, but they were unable to locate him.

The vol­un­teers began searching the area on foot at 9 a.m., but found nothing. They planned to regroup and try again in the morning.

Campus Security Director Bill Whorley deployed campus security resources to help search for Lyon, and several stu­dents from the College also joined the hunt. Roughly 10 stu­dents helped search for Lyon this morning, accom­panied by Asso­ciate Dean of Men Jeffery Rogers.

More than 100 Com­munity members joined to search for Jace Lyon on Friday morning | Emily Blatter

Police said that they received a call from Tanya Lyon at 9:04 p.m on Jan 18., saying that she had just returned home from work and her son Jace Landon Lyon was missing from their res­i­dence at 1611 E. Moore Road, in Fayette Township.

Parker said in a video interview that Tanya Lyon received a call from Jace around 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday saying that he was home, and was going to make some dinner. Parker said that Tanya Lyon typ­i­cally calls her son every 30 minutes to check in, but he didn’t pick-up the phone when she attempted to call back several times.

Parker said that Jace Lyon has run away from home several times.

In the press release, Sheriff Parker thanked the many vol­un­teers who assisted in searching for Jace.

“This is the outcome that can happen when the com­munity comes together to aid one another,” Sheriff Parker said.

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