Central Hall. It’s the most iconic part of campus here at Hillsdale College. It is also one of the most well-doc­u­mented parts of Hillsdale’s campus, thanks to the com­mitment of stu­dents, prospects, and alumni to ensure that our beau­tiful Central Hall will forever stand on Instagram.

No one is sure exactly why everyone feels the need to take photos of Central Hall. Maybe it’s because of instant rec­og­niz­ability of it. Maybe it’s the unadul­terated beauty of it.

Despite what you may have heard, no two photos of Central Hall are alike. Here, we’ve com­piled a list of the Top 5 Best Instagram photos of Central Hall. There is no question that any Hillsdale student, alumni, or prospect will love these photos!

Without further ado, here is the list:


Farewell for summer dear Dale. See you again soon for senior year! #hills­dalecollege #classof2017

A photo posted by Eli West (@eli_west6) on

This absolutely stunning shot comes from Instagram user @eli_west6. Here you can not only see Central Hall, but also the beau­tiful late-summer Michigan weather that signals the start of classes for the year. Time to hit the books!


Hillsdale College clock tower at night. #hills­dalecollege # freedom #hills­dalemichigan

A photo posted by Scott Thompson (@jvillekid) on

This gor­geous night shot by @jvillekid frames Central Hall beneath the American Flag. This stunning com­po­sition illus­trates that liberty never sleeps here at Hillsdale. Even in the darkest of nights. Hillsdale shines bright. A truly mag­nif­icent Instagram photo.


what have I to dread? what have I to fear? / leaning on the ever­lasting arms

A photo posted by Chandler Lasch (@princesschandler) on

Here, we see @princesschandler’s take on Central Hall. This snowy photo demon­strates the tenacity of Hillsdale stu­dents. As our motto says, strength rejoices in the chal­lenge. Stu­dents will go to all lengths to get the perfect shot of Central Hall, and will brave even the coldest of winters. The product of this tenacity, of course, is this mas­ter­piece of a ‘Gram.


Hillsdale College: Pur­suing truth and defending liberty since 1844 ?? #hills­dalecollege #Hillsdale #col­legetour

A photo posted by Madeline (@madeline.nicole17) on

This classic shot by @madeline.nicole17 gives a new per­spective on Central Hall. The com­po­sition of the photo makes it seem as if Central Hall is reaching towards heaven, as a tes­tament to its glory. This photo is nothing short of a remarkable feat of Insta-pho­tog­raphy.



This is undoubtedly the best photo of Central Hall ever taken. Here, @digitalmagistra demon­strates that she is a master of the craft of Instagram photos. This piece cap­tures not only the glory of Central Hall, but also a piece of Hillsdale’s history by including the Civil War Memorial. Not only this, but seeing Old Glory flying fully cap­tures the spirit of Hillsdale. The summer sky gives all of the stu­dents at Hillsdale hope for the future, and moti­vates these same stu­dents to work towards this goal. This mas­ter­piece is sure to be talked about in class­rooms and text­books alike cen­turies to come.

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