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Dennis Prager is a syn­di­cated con­ser­v­ative talk radio host and columnist. He is the author of six books and taught Russian and Jewish history at Brooklyn College. In 2011, he founded Prager Uni­versity, an orga­ni­zation that puts out a series of five-minute videos meant to convey the best thought in political science, history, phi­losophy, religion, eco­nomics, and psy­chology. Prager visited Hillsdale College Sunday for a live filming on Book TV’s “In Depth” on C‑SPAN2.

Have you ever been to Hillsdale before?

I was here once before, in fact 10 years ago, maybe a drop more. And I did speak to stu­dents. I think a family related issue. So this is only my second visit. 

What are your thoughts on Hillsdale stu­dents com­pared to other public uni­versity stu­dents in your experience?

Well, I am a big believer in Hillsdale. I advocate Hillsdale on my radio national show. Look, what Hillsdale is trying to do is unbe­lievably nec­essary and pretty lonely because the cam­puses have ceased to be liberal arts. They have become left-wing cam­puses, where the purpose is to indoc­trinate rather than educate. And while obvi­ously Hillsdale has a philo­sophic agenda, as is per­fectly right, it still prefers to educate. 

As far as how this election goes, what does it mean for this country’s rela­tionship with the nation of Israel? 

There are many reasons to fear the Demo­c­ratic Party and the left gen­erally, and one of them is a broken moral compass. I rec­ognize that a lot of these people are sincere, but a party that could have a member of the com­mittee that writes its platform at the Demo­c­ratic con­vention, a man that accuses Israel of war crimes and other horrors and apartheid state and a whole host of other things, and is a member of the platform writing com­mittee. America is one of the most decent coun­tries in the world, just like America is one of the most decent coun­tries in the world. And the left vil­ifies America and Israel more than any coun­tries in the world.

If you could go into why are you not in the “Never Trump” camp and why are you actually cam­paigning against that?

Well, I have many reasons why I’m not in the “Never Trump” group, but I think I first have to say that I was opposed to Trump during the entire nom­i­nation period. I wrote column after column against him. He was my 17th choice of 17 can­di­dates. So I just want to make clear that I was not a Trump sup­porter, when there was a choice. There is no choice now. There is no choice. The only choice is four more years of left-wing rule in the United States. It would mean the end of the Supreme Court for the next 40 years or 30 years min­i­mally. People think that’s an exag­gerated figure. One appointment means it’s almost always 5 – 4 left-right. If that appointment person is 40, that person will be 75 in 35 years. It’s young today. Look, Bernie Sanders is over 70, nobody gave a hoot. In fact, his greatest sup­porters were young people. So imagine what 75 will be 35 years from now — it will be middle age. So the court is lost. And that’s almost every­thing because the left doesn’t need Congress. 

In light of all the things you just said, what should a younger person — par­tic­u­larly the young stu­dents here at Hillsdale College, who are probably 17, 18 to 21, 22 — what should they do in light of the things you just said today?

Well in light of what I said, if I made sense, then it makes perfect sense for you to cam­paign for the Repub­lican ticket. That’s what makes sense. And to answer these argu­ments. We have a moral issue here, and therefore by the way, it makes it hard for you because you have to then make the argument for the destruc­tiveness of the left, which people are often very uncom­fortable about doing because most people have such people in their family. I do, and I under­stand that dis­comfort, but you don’t abandon your deepest prin­ciples because your brother-in-law is on the other side. This is just the way this works, so we need you very badly. And you need this victory very badly.