Once a weekly venue for various student jazz combos, the Under­ground is dropping its Thursday night jazz in favor of a more diverse program. In place of Jazz from the Under­ground, the bar beneath Broad Street Downtown Market is hosting College Night, a Thursday evening program including a DJ, live bands, trivia, karaoke, and comedy.

Because atten­dance to jazz nights had dwindled to just a handful of people last spring, the Under­ground is seeking more variety, general manager Kevin Kirwin said. The College Night program, which kicked off Sept. 17, will run from 7 – 11 p.m. on Thursday nights.

Kirwin is trying to recruit student bands of all genres now that student jazz bands are no longer per­forming weekly, he said.

During the ’14-’15 school year, the Underground’s Thursday jazz nights included per­for­mances from Spencer Amaral ’14, student bands, and the McQ5. Com­posed of Amaral, Director of Jazz Studies Chris McCourry, junior Gianna Marchese, Sandra Pooley, and Sam Nead, the McQ5 was paid for its weekly per­for­mances.

Because the Under­ground also lines up bands for Friday and Sat­urday nights, it could not con­tinue to book the McQ5 each week, Kirwin said. However, the Under­ground would not be opposed to having them perform in the future.

“I would listen to them any time,” Kirwin said. “They are a fan­tastic group.”

McCourry declined to comment on the sit­u­ation.

Junior Danielle Adams, who per­formed reg­u­larly at the Under­ground, said the oppor­tunity to play jazz in an informal setting offers a degree of freedom and cre­ativity that a recital hall does not.

“Jazz really blossoms with a highly engaged and involved audience,” she said. “It was a great place for stu­dents to grow as musi­cians in a live and casual setting where they felt more com­fortable taking risks.”

Jazz from the Under­ground was so unique that pro­fessors at other Michigan schools had heard about it, she said.

“The student aspect of the program was known statewide for its inno­vation and the fact that it offered so much oppor­tunity to give real world expe­rience to stu­dents.”

Nev­er­theless, the Underground’s cus­tomers were inter­ested in more variety, Kirwin said. This summer, the Under­ground fea­tured DJs and local bands and hosted a multi-week Battle of the Bands.

College Nights have main­tained variety with a per­for­mance from student band The St. Joe Trio on Sept. 24 and a lip sync battle the fol­lowing week. The entry cost for those 18 or older is $2, but stu­dents 21 and up can attend College Nights for free.